Where To Find Timber Pines In Fortnite

With week 4 quests of Chapter 3 Season 3 now available, we'll show you how to easily locate and cut down Timber Pines with the Ripsaw Launcher.

Trees fortnite
Make your best lumberjack impression to finish this quest I ©Epic Games

Timber Pines are a new type of tree that showed up during Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. You can cut it down for materials if you're playing in regular battle royale, but unlike regular trees, the trunk will not disappear. They can cause damage to enemies, structures, and vehicles, so they have some purposes outside of being scrapped for mats.

One of week 4 seasonal quests tasks you with chopping down five of these trees with the recently added Ripsaw Launcher. In this quick guide we're going to show you an incredible spot to find both the weapon you need and the type of vegetation required to complete the weekly quest.

Timber Pines In Fortnite

You'll be able to find this type of tree in the snowy area northwest of the Fortnite island. The perfect spot to land is in this Logjam warehouse we've marked in the image down below. Take a look.

Logjam lotus
You'll find everything you need right here I ©Epic Games

This warehouse is where you'll definitely want to land for two big reasons. First, inside the building you'll find a ton of Ripsaw Launchers, enough to chop down every single tree in the game dare we say!

Fortnite 14
A one-stop shop for all your chopping needs! ©Epic Games

Secondly, as you'd expect from a spot near the Logjam Lotus landmark, it's filled with all sorts of trees, including the elusive Timber Pines. If you don't know what they look like, they are thicker and larger than regular Fortnite trees you've come to know and chop.

Fortnite 15
Don't forget to yell timber! I ©Epic Games

You need to cut down a total of five Timber Pines to complete the weekly quest that will net you a decent 15k XP. It's worth remembering you don't have to chop all five in a single game, meaning progress is kept even if some pesky enemies try to prevent you from completing it or got to chop them down before you had the chance.

The Ripsaw Launcher is particularly useful with building enabled, as it can tear through constructions, however, for no building, players haven't much chance to see the gun's potential. In any case, this weekly quest will see everyone put it to good use!

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