Gaming instead of retiring: The first esports center for senior citizens

Silver snipers lenovo
The Silver Snipers. (Image credit: Lenovo)

Great news for the older gamers: In Japan, the first Esports Center opens only for seniors. It is designed exclusively for players over 60 years of age.

Our grandparents figured it out. Getting up early in the morning, a little walk with the grandchildren, a round of chess and a cup of coffee, and then knocking down a few opponents in CS:GO. Wait, what? Yes, you read it right, this will probably become the everyday life of some seniors in Japan now.

Esports Center for Seniors

On July 2, an Esports center dedicated to the elderly will be opened in Kobe, Japan. Under the name ISR Esports, it will only accept people over the age of 60.

The doors will be open to both those who're experienced in gaming and those who have never played a video game before. First, the seniors will be given some basic gaming instructions to help them understand the game mechanics. Then they can play what ISR Esports calls the "full esports title".

ISR esport center for seniors 1280x384
The ISR Esports Center. (Image credit: ISR Esports)

You're never too old to follow your passion

In fact, there are many more older players out there than some people realize. In the US alone, according to an AARP study in 2019, there were nearly 51 million American players over the age of 50 who played an average of five hours a week.

In the field of esports, there is the world's first professional CS:GO, senior team, aptly named the Silver Snipers, in which all players are over 65 years old. There is also the Finnish senior team Grey Gunners, who are also at home in CS:GO.

Silver Snipers
The Silver Snipers. (Image credit: Lenovo)

In Japan, gaming centers have become popular among the country's older citizens some time ago. Here, amusement arcades become a meeting place for older people who feel lonely and isolated. It's a great thing, isn't it?

An attraction for the viewers

The audience loves watching seniors play. If you still haven't seen the Silver Snipers or the Grey Gunners in action then here's a perfect opportunity. The two teams played roughly a year ago. Do they got it or what?

We are enthusiastic about the seniors! As you can see, video games are something that can be enjoyed by everyone. No matter if big or small - old or young. Video games connect, increase reflexes and concentration, and are simply fun. And we already know - having fun is not a waste of time.

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