There's a 4K Nintendo Switch Coming, Don't Buy the OLED Switch

Bloomberg released a huge report that more than suggest the existence of a 4K Nintendo Switch. Nintendo denies the entire report. What's the truth?

Update - October 1: Nintendo filed two patents for upscaling software, that will allow them to upscale their games into 4K. The original date of this patent coincides with March 2020, which is when the 4K Switch rumors first came to be. This sure supports Bloomberg's report, which you can read about below. You can see the patents here and here.

You guys know Bloomberg, right? Well, in a lengthy report, Bloomberg now confirmed the existence of a 4K Nintendo Switch... I mean that they confirmed the fact that 11 game developers received 4K Nintendo Switch dev kits. Those game developers could not be named by Bloomberg, due to confidentiality, but they say the devs range from small to big-time. Now, of course, this hinges on whether you choose to believe Bloomberg or not, but it's freaking Bloomberg, guys.

They claim that many more game developers received 4K Nintendo Switch dev kits, but they only got confirmation from 11 of them. To make this even spicier, those 11 game devs claimed the 4K Nintendo Switch is not coming before the end of next year, but it is coming. Interesting...

Where this story gets even more interesting is right here, right now: Nintendo denied Bloomberg's report. Yup, the report that was just released today, was denied by Nintendo just as fast. They took to Twitter themselves to state the following:

Oh, I love this. Also, I side with Bloomberg. I know it sounds weird to go against the game developer, but consider this: The Nintendo Switch OLED is releasing on October 8. Nintendo wants to sell the damn thing. Why would they want people thinking about a newer, shinier, better Nintendo Switch now? They wouldn't. They would hate that, because it would be terrible for business. Of course, they are going to dispute Bloomberg's report. Meanwhile, Bloomberg is sitting on 11 game developers claiming to have 4K Nintendo Switch kits. Are they all lying? That sounds a little too convenient to me....

Nintendo is in a tough spot here, because it's hard enough as it is to compete with the upcoming Steam Deck. This, might just be the last straw, and I would not be surprised to see sales numbers for the Nintendo Switch OLED turn out to be horrendous. Then again, it's not like Nintendo didn't overcome the Wii U. In fact, the Wii U was followed up with the brilliance we're used to from Nintendo. Maybe a failing Nintendo Switch OLED is just what we need. Maybe this will make this rumored 4K Nintendo Switch all the better. I'd be all for it.

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