Amazon Boss Reveals Why The LotR MMO Was Really Cancelled

Amazons planned Lord of the Rings MMO will never come. Why did they cancel the project? Amazon Games President Christoph Hartmann recently revealed the reason for the abrupt stop of the game.

The Lord of the Rings MMO is cancelled | © Amazon Studios

Christoph Hartmann, President of Amazon Games, revealed why the in 2019 announced Lord of the Rings MMO production stopped mid-process. What happened between Amazon Game Studios and their Partner?

Why Did The LotR MMO Production Stop?

The game was supposed to be produced by Amazon Game Studios alongside the Chinese company Leyou Technologies. The start of the production went fine until Leyou Technologies was purchased by the Chinese business Lencent Holdings Ltd. in December 2020. Due to the changes at Leyou Technologies, all the contracts for the game had to be redone. The contract negotiations between Amazon and Lencent led to a dispute between the gaming giants.

In an interview at Gamespot, Christoph Hartmann made a statement about the whole situation. He said, that Lencent and Amazon Game Studios were too big as companies to really work together as partners. Amazon Game Studios and Lencent Holdings were unable to reach an agreement through the contract negotiations, as a result, the production for the planned Lord of the Rings MMO stopped and will not continue.

None of Amazon's games are considered big hits, which makes the cancellation of the LotR MMO even more painful, not only for the fans but also for Amazon itself.

While Amazon still needs to figure out how to make games or keep partners, Lord of the Rings fans have something to look forward to, and that is The Lord of the Rings: Gollum which is on the way from Daedalic Entertainment.