Lord of the Rings Series Characters Revealed

The Lord of the Rings is coming to TV in a big way: Amazon wants to replicate Game of Thrones success and make the most epic fantasy show ever. Now we got some character reveals.

Amazon lord of the rings
Am I overhyping, if I'm already sold by this image alone? | © Amazon

So... let's start this off with: Lord of the Rings is badass. Lord of the Rings has insane potential, and... what am I saying, that's obvious, just going off the success of the movies. Still, Lord of the Rings somehow feels like it hasn't fulfilled its potential, and, I for one, always thought that the books are much better suited for a TV series than movies. It just so happened that, until Game of Thrones happened, TV never got the necessary budget. This has changed now: Season 1 of Amazon Prime's Lord of the Rings is said to cost $500 million dollars, and with a budget like that... anything is possible.

Lord of the Rings Character Posters Revealed

Thus far, Amazon has been tight-lipped on all things concerning its upcoming Middle-earth series, but now they revealed a lot of character art... except that there are no faces, just hands, weapons, and clothing. Still, it's enough to wet our appetite, but you judge for yourself:

There are 17 more where those came from, and I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is: High f***ing quality. Like... damn. Also, I'm genuinely loving this type of reveal, and can't wait for more, though, luckily, we do have more. A title sequence:

Fun fact: This intro has no CGI whatsoever, but is actually all real footage. As for the text... if you didn't get goose-bumps, then I don't know if you deserve to watch this. One negative thing I'll say, though: This doesn't even compare to the epic GoT intro.

Just saying...