Anno 1800 For PS5 and Xbox Series: Release Date Confirmed

Anno 1800 has been on the market for PC since 2019. The popular strategy game, which is set in the time of the industrial revolution, will soon be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series. We'll tell you when exactly and what details are already known.

Anno 1800
Anno 1800 soon playable on console! | ©Ubisoft

Actually, the Anno games are classic PC games. It just works better with mouse and keyboard. At least that's what people think. Only very few people have tried playing Anno with a controller. Soon, however, we will be able to give it a try on the PS5 or Xbox Series and, with smooth graphics, play Anno 1800 on the console.

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Anno 1800 Coming Soon To PS5 & Xbox Series

It will be the first game of the series that will be released on the current consoles. Anno 1800 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series on March 18, 2023. So console gamers will also get the chance to play the legendary strategy game.

You're probably wondering now how this is supposed to work anywhere near as well with controllers as it does with a mouse and keyboard? After all, you always have to do something in Anno and constantly switch from island to island. However, Ubisoft has apparently worked out a few improvements that will be included in the console version.

First and foremost, the interface has been adjusted. This change should make it easier for you to move from place to place faster. For example, in the upper right corner, you can see all the resources. The minimap has also been enlarged, so you can jump between islands faster. In addition, roads are automatically placed around building blocks.

Last but not least, the biggest change; unlike in the PC version, the building menu is a radial menu. That means: You press a shoulder button and a wheel with all buildings appears. You then use the stick to pick your desired object.

These all sound like pretty sensible changes. Let's see how well Anno 1800 plays on the console. We are cautiously optimistic that it will be a good gaming experience.

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