Hogwarts Legacy Playtime: How Long Will The New Harry Potter RPG Take To Complete?

In this article you can find an estimate for the playtime of the new Harry Potter RPG: Hogwarts Legacy. We've broken down how long it will take to complete the game by doing only the main quests, and how long it will take if you do the side quests as well.

Hogwarts Legacy Game length Playtime
The average playtime for Hogwarts Legacy is thankfully quite long. | © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The Hogwarts Legacy release date is less than a month away! But as we approach launch, we need to turn away from speculative matters like potions, spells and mounts, and we need to start addressing your practical concerns. What kind of pre-order bonuses will you get with Hogwarts Legacy? Is the PlayStation exclusive content really that good? And, of course, how long is the new Harry Potter RPG going to be? In this article we address that question. Here is the average playtime for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Playtime Revealed

According to leaker @ManwithSecrets_ Hogwarts Legacy will take about 35 hours to complete if you're only playing main story missions, and 70 hours if you're also completing side-quests. But, if you're going for a 100% complete run then it will take you far longer, as you have about 100 Merlin puzzles to complete, and dozens of animals to collect.

The leaker who first gave us this information does have some kind of verifiable source, because they recently shared a ton of unreleased material from the official art book. But as with any information we get that hasn't been officially corroborated, please take this with a grain of salt. That said, we are very confident in this average playtime.

Are you happy with this amount of playtime, or do you wish the game was longer? And if you still haven't got round to it yet, here's a link to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy.

The same leaker has suggested that Phoenixes will be available as mounts:

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