Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials: All Types Of Puzzles & How To Solve Them

In Hogwarts Legacy, Merlin Trials grant players important inventory upgrades by solving small puzzles. They can be pretty tricky, so we'll show you how you can solve the different puzzle types.

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Puzzles
Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials: Here's how to complete all nine puzzle types. | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials Explained

There are tons of different puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, and Merlin Trials are probably among the most important ones. The Merlin Trials are small puzzles which you will find in various locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

You unlock these puzzles by finishing the quest "The Girl from Uagadou" and talking to Nora Treadwell (found in the village just south of Hogwarts, lower Hogsfield). If you need help finding the quest, check out our Hogwarts Legacy quest list.

There are a whopping 95 Merlin Trials in the game, which are marked by leaf symbols on the map. The trials are split into nine different categories. None of them are too difficult to do, you just need to know how to do it. We will show you how to solve each variation of the Merlin Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve The Merlin Trials

Here are the nine variations in the order we tackle them further below via video instructions:

  1. Platform Obstacle Course (No Spell Required)
  2. Unlit Braziers (Confringo Required)
  3. Broken Statues (Repero Required)
  4. Four Stone Balls (Accio Required)
  5. Large Boulder (Depulso Required)
  6. Destructible Balls On Pillars (No Spell Required)
  7. Hollow Stones & Fireflies (Lumos Required)
  8. Puzzle Blocks (Flipendo Required)
  9. Stone Slabs (Confringo Required)

Platform Obstacle Course (No Spell Required)

This is the easiest kind of challenge, as you don't need any of the spells in Hogwarts Legacy and just have to complete a small obstacle course. Easy-peasy.

Drop the Mellowsweet and begin the obstacle course from the smallest stone block.

Unlit Braziers (Confringo Required)

One of the Merlin Trials requires you to light three braziers set on columns. You just need to light all three quickly enough, so get to a spot where you can see all three before you begin. Confringo will be of massive help here, as some of the braziers can be pretty far away from each other.

Broken Statues (Repero Required)

There are three broken statues to be found near the Merlin Trial, just find them and use Repero. Another quick and easy one.

Four Stone Balls (Accio Required)

To finish these trials, just use Accio to put the four small stones into the holes on the nearby stone plate.

Large Boulder (Depulso Required)

These boulders can't be properly lifted with Accio, instead you should push them around with Depulso. Usually there's a really obvious ramp you need to push them down to get them into a big hole, like you can see here.

Destructible Balls On Pillars (No Spell Required)

Another fairly easy trial involves destructible stone balls sat on pillars. As soon as you activate the trial use Repulso and locate all the balls, there's probably about 8. Just use basic cast to destroy them all.

Hollow Stones & Fireflies (Lumos Required)

This is slightly trickier than most other trials, but still pretty doable. You have three swarms of fireflies nearby, and you have three hollow stones nearby, what do you do? Bring them together of course. To do so, find the fireflies, cast Lumos and make them follow you to the hollow stones:

Puzzle Blocks (Flipendo Required)

Arguably one of the trickiest types of Merlin Trials involves these stone columns which are covered in mysterious symbols. For these trials you'll need Flipendo to flip around the top part of each column, until the symbols featuring an arrow pointing down match up:

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials Stone Column
The puzzle block statues are fairly tricky. | © Portkey Games

Stone Slabs (Confringo Required)

To finish our guide, another easy one. You will find Merlin Trials surrounded by four stone slabs that have green dots on them. Just use Confringo to destroy the stones. If you can't find them, use Revelio to highlight them, as you can see here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Is It Worth Completing The Merlin Trials?

Completing the Merlin trials puzzles will grant you more gear slots. So yes, it's absolutely worth solving the puzzles, since it will prevent you from having to constantly travel to Hogsmeade to sell inventory.

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