Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Hogwarts Legacy

About to start Hogwarts Legacy? Here are ten things we wish we had known from the beginning.

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10 things to know before you start. | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy has now launched, and if you're here then you've probably already got your copy. But before you start, here are ten things we think every player would benefit from knowing before starting their journey.

1. You Don't Need Protego, You Can Just Roll

The way combat is introduced, a lot of players might think they need to learn to respond to incoming threats by either choosing to use Protego or dodging depending on the color of the threat. And it's true that Protego is only useful against yellow threats, but dodge can be used to avoid both red and yellow threats.

Obviously system mastery is rewarding, and you can buff Protego to use it in useful ways. But if you're finding it all a little complex, you can just dodge roll away from any type of threat. Souls fans should feel weirdly at home in Hogwarts Legacy.

2. To Unlock The Chests With Eyes, Use Disillusionment

If you use Disillusionment on yourself and sneak up to those chests with eyes, you can open them for 500. Here's a guide to the Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy if you want a full overview.

3. The Animals On The Symbol Doors Always Relate To The Same Set Of Numbers

Animal symbol doors are littered throughout the open world, and many fans will waste a lot of time trying to find clever solutions. Sadly, these doors are actually super simple when you have the cheat sheet.

Each of the animals represents a number. You need to turn the question mark stones until the animal is showing whose number would solve the puzzle. In each case the "puzzle" is simply that the three numbers/animals around the triangle should add-up to the number in the center.

Here's the cheat sheet you need that shows which animals represent which numbers:

Symbol Doors Hogwarts
here are the various symbols and the numbers they represent. | © Portkey Games

We have a full guide to these symbol doors if this still sounds a little complicated.

4. You Can Change Your Hairstyle, Scars & Eye Color At Any Time

If you're in the character create don't worry about picking the perfect hair or facial features, as you can change these any time. But you can't change your face shape, skin tone or sex, so make sure those three things at least are what you want.

5. Don't Overthink Which Hogwarts House To Choose

Lots of players will be stuck at the Sorting Ceremony worried about making the wrong decision. But we highly recommend you to just go with your gut. The Common Rooms don't get visited that much at all, the house you choose does not affect your character mechanically, and there's very little content exclusive to each house.

6. Learn To Do Merlin Trials And Complete Them Whenever You Pass One

These puzzles seem like a chore at first, and they can seem pretty confusing, but Merlin Trials are the only way to increase Gear carry capacity. If you just take 15 minutes of your time to learn how to do all nine of the puzzles, you can complete them whenever you pass one in the wilderness. With this approach you'll find yourself earning bonus XP and increasing carry capacity constantly.

7. Buy Mellowsweet Seeds And Start Planting Early

This relates to the one above, but it's worth saying. You need Mellowsweet to start Merlin Trials, and there are dozens of Merlin Trials, so grow your own. If you need somewhere to grow plants, here's a guide to unlocking the Room of Requirement.

8. Build Moonstone Refiners In The Room of Requirement

The first things you should build in the Room of Requirement are Moonstone Refiners. If you buy the recipe as soon as possible from Tomes & Scrolls, and get them built as soon as you have the room unlocked, you will never run out of Moonstone.

Moonstones are used to build things in the Room of Requirement, and without Refiners churning out 30 every 10 minutes for you, you won't be able to build much.

9. Sebastian Sallow Isn't A Bad Guy

This game does a great job of showing Slytherin students as more complex than they often appear in the books. Sebastian Sallow is a great example, so don't worry about hanging out and doing his quests with him; it won't affect some morality meter or something. Also, he has some of the coolest quests in the game.

10. You Can Rush If You Want, Side-Quests Don't Go Anywhere

If you want to smash through main missions to unlock the Room of Requirement or flying mounts as quickly as possible, don't worry about missing out on side content. As the game progresses through the main story the seasons change, but the old side-quests you might not have done will still be there. The pace of the game is entirely up to you.

And there you have it, our tips and tricks for beginners. So go out there, get your wand, and enjoy the school year!

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