Join The Hogwarts Legacy House Cup And Win A PlayStation 5

To make waiting for the release of Hogwarts Legacy a bit more bearable, at least PlayStation users can grab some free rewards right now. We'll tell you what you need to do to join the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup and which rewards (apart from the PS5) you can get by completing the challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy in game Hauspokal
Be a part of the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup and win a PS5! | © Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy is just around the corner, and we've got some great news for you – if you're the proud owner of a PlayStation 4/5. It's been common knowledge that Hogwarts Legacy will have some PS-exclusive content for quite a while now, but now it gets even better. Gamers with an active PSN account can get some rewards for free!

In order to do so, you'll have to complete a few challenges, like watching a couple of minutes of Hogwarts Legacy trailers or giving the right answers to some trivia-questions. If you're lucky enough, you'll even get a PlayStation 5 or at least the Collectors Edition of the game. Let's dive right in and look at all the rewards as well as the challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup: How To Get The PS5 & Other Rewards

Obviously, you only need to get excited if you're playing on PlayStation and have an active PSN membership. To enter PlayStation's Hogwarts Legacy House Cup, you'll have to visit the official website, scroll down a bit and log into your account.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup EN
Click on "Join the House Cup" to... well, join the House Cup! | © PlayStation

As soon as the first step's done, you should see two quests popping up on your screen. They're called "House Crest Avatar Bundle" and "PlayStation Hogwarts Legacy House Cup" and each rewards you with a special PS Avatar. Here's how to complete them:

How To Complete House Crest Avatar Bundle

The first of the two quests should be done in a couple of minutes – it will also be available until April 5, 2023, which is one day after the old-gen release of Hogwarts Legacy. You'll get the quest done by doing three simple tasks:

  • Watch the State of Play trailer (at least 2 min. and 5 sec., you will get notified as soon as you've done it)
  • What year will your character be starting as a new student at Hogwarts? – Answer: fifth year
  • View the available Hogwarts Legacy purchase options

Once you've mastered the individual challenges, you'll get a code that you can redeem for a unique avatar. You just have to click on "redeem", log into your account and copy the code that's been shown on the website. Done!

By the way, the trailer which you have to watch is this one:

How To Complete PlayStation Hogwarts Legacy House Cup

The second quest is a bit more extensive, and you actually can't fully complete it right now. Only four of a total of 12 tasks are unlocked right now – with challenges 5 through 8 coming on February 1, and challenges 9 through 12 on February 8.

We're going to list all 12 challenges as soon as they get released and provide the correct answer for each question asked.

  • Choose your House (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor – doesn't matter which)
  • Watch the "Official Reveal Trailer" (at least one minute, just keep an eye on the countdown)
  • When does Hogwarts Legacy take place? – Correct answer: late 19th century
  • ...every stone in this castle, tells the – Correct answer: story

Just be aware that these four tasks will expire on February 3, so even before the whole quest can be completed. You should do it right away as you won't be able to unlock the special avatar otherwise.

How To Win A PS5 Or Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition

If you're lucky enough to live in the USA or the United Kingdom, you'll get the chance of winning either a PS5 or Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition on top of the avatars we just mentioned. Of course, it's pretty unlikely for you (yes, you, you beautiful soul) to win, but at least give it a shot! Just use the following link and best of luck!

If you're unlucky, or you're from another country (like me) you'll have to buy Hogwarts Legacy the old-fashioned way, though. It's most likely still worth it, with Hogwarts Legacy being one of the most anticipated games of 2023.

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