Hogwarts Legacy: Will You Be Able To Access The Chamber Of Secrets?

We will be able to visit many magical places we know from the books and movies in Hogwarts Legacy. But is the mystical Chamber of Secrets also one of them?

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Will you be able to access the Chamber of Secrets? | © Portkey Games

We've been salivating at the chance to get into the Chamber of Secrets ever since Hogwarts Legacy was announced. It's one of the most iconic locations in the Wizarding World franchise, an infamous hidden labyrinth built by the pure-blooded Parselmouth, Slazar Slytherin himself. Plus, who wouldn't want to face off against the Basilisk hidden inside?

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Hogwarts Legacy: Will you see the Chamber of Secrets?

We see the Chamber of Secrets in the 2nd book of the same name. The mystery of how to get in is known to us thanks to Screaming Myrtle. 2nd floor, unpopular area, girls' toilet, water tap with engraved snake. A piece of cake for any Harry Potter nerd. And it would be too nice if we could visit this place in Hogwarts Legacy. But according to a leak, that won't be possible. And there's a good reason for that, too.

The leaked artbook says that there was definitely an idea to include the Chamber of Secrets. Among many challenges, the main reason is the basilisk that resides in the chamber. If we'll explore the chamber, we would inevitably have to encounter and fight the basilisk. If we killed it, it would be gone by Harry's second year of school. And that is quite obviously wrong.

So the chamber of horror remains closed to us. This is only a small drop of bitterness in view of the many Harry Potter contents that are in the game.

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