Baldur's Gate 3 Is The Real Game of the Year, Not Zelda

Baldur's Gate 3 is receiving exceptional reviews, and at least based on user score, it has now pulled significantly ahead of Zelda: ToTK.

Zelda To TK vs Balgurs Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3 should win GOTY, but it won't. | © Nintendo / Larian Studios

Regardless of how good Zelda: ToTK turned out, anyone even passingly familiar with the gaming industry could have told you back in January that it was going to be this year's favorite to win Game of the Year. Zelda is simply too beloved by too many people to lose.

Now, to be clear, Zelda's fame is well-deserved; this is an incredible franchise, and it's been with us since 1986. For many gamers, Zelda is synonymous with childhood. But at the same time, this "emotional advantage" means that it was never realistically going to be challenged by a CRPG from an independent studio. However, if it were possible to remove sentimentality and bias completely, it looks like Baldur's Gate 3 would win Game of the Year. For users at least, Baldur's Gate 3 is the better game...

Baldur's Gate 3 Receives A Higher Critic & User Score Than Zelda: ToTK

Baldur's Gate 3 is currently sat at 97/100 from critics, which is 1 point ahead of Zelda: ToTK. However, there are only 26 reviews from critics for BG33 published at the moment, so that particular score could still change. But with over 5,600 user reviews, we can already confidently say that BG3 has "beaten" Zelda in this regard,with an average user rating of 9.1 compared to ToTK's 8.5. We have to reiterate here, the chance of anything winning GOTY ahead of Zelda is near-zero. If BG3 won it would be the equivalent of an independent foreign film beating Oppenheimer at the Oscars. It's not going to happen.

With a 97/100, Baldur's Gate 3 is actually tied with a few other games for 5th highest-rated game of all time on Metacritic, across all platforms. And it's the only game released in the last three years in the top 15. With reviews like this we expect BG3 to win a few things at The Game Awards, but as we said, it simply cannot win Game of the Year in 2023, no matter how good it is.

We will continue to monitor the reviews and public response to Baldur's Gate 3, although with the PS5 release just around the corner, we expect it's only up from here.

No wonder it's so highly regarded...

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