Baldur's Gate 3 Vlaakith: Betray The Lich Queen Or Trust Her?

If you visit the Githyanki Creche, you will meet their Lich Queen Vlaakith. She will put you up to some difficult tasks, but can you trust her, or should you betray her?

Vlaakith Baldurs Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3: Will you decide to trust or betray Vlaakith? | © Larian Studios / EarlyGame

Shortly after meeting Lae'zel at the beginning of the game, she will suggest going to the Githyanki Creche in order to get rid of your parasites. Even if you don't believe that her idea will actually be the solution to your problems, you should definitely go to the Creche, and we'll tell you here, why.

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In order to reach the Githyanki Creche, you will need to take the Mountain Pass to the right of the Goblin Camp in Act 1.

Baldur's Gate 3 Vlaakith: Why You Should Visit The Githyanki Creche

After you recruit Shadowheart into your party, you'll find out that she is carrying a mysterious item with her, the artifact. In order to find out more about the truth behind this artifact, you have to go to the Creche, where the Githyanki will be able to tell you more about it.

Besides this also being an important area to further your relationship with Lae'zel, the Creche is key to finding out many principles of Baldur's Gate 3's story. Especially if you want to find out more about your dream visitor (aka your Guardian that you created at the beginning of the game).

Once you enter the Creche, you will not be able to exit before proceeding with the story. You will technically be able to leave, but if you attempt to do so, Lae'zel and all other Githyanki will attack you. You can survive this encounter, by killing everyone, but that includes Lae'zel.

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So, if you are planning to enter this area, make sure you are well-prepared, as there are some tough fights that await you.

How To Find Out More About The Artifact

BG3 Laezel
Can we trust Lae'zel's people? | © Larian Studios / gameplay screenshot

This point in the story is one that many will miss, as it involves giving up the artifact. But rest assured, you won't be giving up the artifact for good. The artifact is bound to you, so even if you give it to the Githyanki captain, she will have to take you along to the Inquisitor.

You can either decide to go with the captain to the Inquisitor, or kill the captain beforehand. Either way, you will still be able to gain access to the Inquisitor's room. If you kill the captain, you will have to destroy the nearby crystal stone in order to enter the room.

Only after you have killed the Inquisitor, will Vlaakith appear. Once she enters the room, she will order you to enter a portal into the artifact in order to kill your Guardian in the astral plane.

Should You Trust Your Guardian Or Vlaakith

Baldurs Gate 3 Laezel
Showing the Queen respect is important to Lae'zel. | © Larian Studios / gameplay screenshot

At this point, it is important to follow the Queen's orders, no matter whether you plan to actually kill your Guardian or not. If you do not follow Vlaakith's orders and attempt to back out of this situation, you will anger the Githyanki and Lae'zel, and they will attempt to kill you immediately. Once again, you can survive this attack, but risk losing Lae'zel as well as missing important aspects of Baldur's Gate 3's story.

So, we recommend going through the portal and entering the astral plane. As soon as you enter the plane, you will face the decision, whether to kill your dream visitor or not. This answer is quite simple: do not kill your Guardian.

You will only face disadvantages if you attempt to kill your Guardian. They are a magical creature that cannot be killed, and they know it.

This situation is a test of whether they can trust you or not. If you choose to kill your dream visitor, Vlaakith will betray you and your Guardian will no longer trust you. Because of that, your actions may have grave consequences for you in the future.

If you choose to trust your dream visitor instead of Vlaakith, and decide to spare their life, they will tell you more about the Illithid parasite in your head and what Vlaakith is planning. After that, you can return to the Creche and inform Lae'zel all about Vlaakith's plans telepathically.

As soon as Vlaakith finds out that you have betrayed her, she will attack you. Lae'zel will remain loyal to her party in this instance and will even kill her own people to ensure your safety.

Be prepared for this fight, it won't be easy.

Baldur's Gate 3: Vlaakith Encounter In Act 3

Baldurs Gate 3 Prince Orpheus
Baldur's Gate 3: Prince Orpheus is a key figure in Lae'zel's story line. | © Larian Studios

During your adventures in Act 3, you'll eventually face Lich Queen Vlaakith again. She'll catch you during your Long Rest and will try to convince you to join her, especially if you went against her wishes (like I did). She is a snake with a silver tongue trying her utmost to fool you.

If you're already set on betraying her and don't want to change your plans, most things will stay the same. You'll work with Voss to rescue Prince Orpheus. But if you decide to trust her and encourage Lae'zel to do the same, you're sealing the fate of all three of them – Voss, Orpheus, and Lae'zel. Queen Vlaakith will consume everyone, and continue ruling as the Lich Queen, feeding her people more lies.

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