Bethesda Finally Revealed New Starfield Footage

Bethesda broke their silence and revealed a bunch of new info on the hotly anticipated Starfield, including some new footage!

Starfield Reveal1
We finally got a new tidbit on Starfield. | © Bethesda

Starfield, do you remember it? Of course, you do, who couldn't be excited about a new RPG by Bethesda. But for those of us who reinstalled Skyrim for the tenth time while desperately waiting on any new kernel of information on Starfield had a tough time since the game's announcement. Bethesda has been weirdly tight-lipped about their upcoming game and hasn't really said much of anything, let alone shone anything from Starfield. Until now, that is: Bethesda revealed a bunch of new info on Starfield, including some new footage! And... well, read on to see how we feel about that.

We Finally Got New Starfield Info & Footage

Tood Howard, our lord and savior, came out of his little hiding place and finally gave us some new info on Starfield. In a new episode of "Into the Starfield", a series of vlogs documenting the development of the game, Howard sat down with other developers of the game to talk about how Starfield will try to "take on the next evolution of RPGs." They emphasize new RPG systems that are supposed to be in the game, including dynamic storytelling and character development. With Starfield, they want to put an even stronger emphasis on player driven stories and for adventures to pop up dynamically.

I think there are so many games that do those things that people are ready for something that does a lot of the things that older, hardcore RPGs--some of the things we used to do--doing those again in a new way. It seems like no matter what story we write, the one the players tell themselves is the one they think about and love the most, At the end of it, we want the players to have told their own journey.

This is all nice and lovely, good chat and all that. But we still didn't get a lot of concrete hard infos, and we didn't really get a deeper look at the game itself. But I promised you new footage and yes, there was new footage from Starfield! Here is a tweet that isolated the short in-game scene from the longer video:

Yes... that's it. That's all there was. It's not just ridiculously short, it also looks weirdly off. I'm sorry, I know I got you excited there. But that's the reality of Bethesda and this game: They are not gonna show a lot until this thing eventually comes out, probably as a buggy mess. Again, sorry. But, I don't want to be too negative, so I'm gonna say again that the overall video was actually pretty cool and worth a watch. Still, I want more from Bethesda...