Bethesda's Starfield Release Window Leaked

Apparently, Starfield finally got a release window. When will that game finally come out?
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No seatbelt... reckless. (Credit: NateHallinanArt - DeviantArt)

[Update, June 10, 2022]

It's been a long time since we wrote this article. Unfortunately, the leaker that said Starfield would release in 2021 was a liar. Who would have thought.

Did we learn anything from this? No. Will we talk about a leak again? Yes, absolutely.

When Will Starfield Release?

On Reddit, the release window for Starfield got leaked and said to be Early 2023. Now, this one doesn't actually seem so unbelievable because after Bethesda pushed back Starfield's release date, they said that the game would release "in the first half of next year". Well... did that just get confirmed?

"Starfield: expected early 2023." on the bottom of Xbox Game Pass sign up. from Starfield

No, guys, nothing got confirmed. This is nothing but something on reddit, but at least it's not super unbelievable this time. If this turns out to be true, then there will probably be another trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase happening this week thanks to Summer Game Fest.

Let's hope for some good news!

[Original Article]

If I were any more hyped, I would be in space. Get it? Because 'high-ped' and space and because Starfield takes place in outer space and... ah forget it... Let's get to the journalism part:

OMG!!! Starfield is coming in 2021!

Oh, yes, SEO optimization. Forgot... Here's your sub-header:

What Is the Release Date for Bethesda's Starfield?

Space Art Planet
Will Starfield look a little something-something like this? (Credit: Scott Richard - Artstation)

So we kinda gave this one away, but here it is in bold: The planned release date for Starfield is 2021.

How do we know this? Because that's what we do. We drink and know things. In fact, this writer is drinking as he knows this thing. We also know it because of an insider, NateDrake, who claimed the following without capitalization – because youth:

"there has been a strong hope & desire to have Starfield launch this [year]. how major the impacts due to COVID have been on the title is anyone's guess, [but Bethesda was aiming] for a 2021 launch as of a few months ago."

NateDrake (good name btw – we stan Uncharted hard) doubles down on this numerous times, claiming that even in 2020, the goal was to launch Starfield this year in 2021.

Why should you believe NateDrake? Because he obviously has good taste in gaming. Also, he is a very reputable leaker, established over years. That Nintendo Direct that actually just happened? He leaked it. You wanna go against this man's wisdom? You wanna question his G? Really? Really? Y'all better respect the name.

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