More Bully 2 Leaks: Game Is Definitely Coming

A YouTuber claims to have the inside scoop on Bully 2, and assures us that the game is definitely being worked on.

Bully 2 canceled rockstar
Bully 2 is coming, y'all. | © Rockstar

Rockstar is more than just GTA and Red Dead Redemption. While we're all waiting for news on Red Dead Redemption 3 and the now officially announced GTA 6, it's easy to forget that there is another huge franchise that is owned by Rockstar: Bully. We've often speculated on Bully 2 being real, and numerous leakers have come forward claiming to know that the game is in fact being worked on. Now, another YouTuber joins the pack, and insists that Bully 2 is definitely being worked on.

Bully-YouTuber Swegta Confirms Bully 2

In a recent livestream, Swegta claims that his sources confirmed an early copy of Bully 2 already being a real thing. Apparently, a small team is assigned to Bully 2, and the game's been scrapped before, and it could be scrapped again. If you want to listen to his livestream, you can do so by clicking here and skipping to the 55-minute mark.

How accurate is this information? Well, it does go hand in hand with a lot of other Bully 2 rumors, so it does seem fairly safe to assume that Rockstar is actually working on Bully 2. What's interesting, though, is that Swegta does cover his own a** saying that Bully 2 'could be scrapped'. A leaker doesn't exactly give me huge confidence in his sources, if his leak is followed up by 'but it could all be cancelled, so never mind.'

Anyway, I think I speak for all of us, if I say that a Bully 2 reveal would definitely be a hype announcement, and one that we've all been waiting for.