GTA 6 Will Be Insane With This Leaked Bully 2 Feature

What would be a day without a GTA 6 leak? Boring. But today ain't that, because we've got another one! And this GTA 6 leak is to die for.

Gta bully 2 feature
If this leak turns out to be true, GTA 6 will be insane. | © Rockstar Games

There's another GTA 6 release date rumor flying around, and I've purposefully ignored it for the sake of you not having to read another "it might come out in four years" article. Instead, I want to focus on a leak that I find much more interesting. One, that has something to do with the game that we're still crying over because it got cancelled – Bully 2.

Now, Rockstar had initially planned for Bully 2 to be this huge game. Huge, as in entering every single building on the map. This is a feature that is barely, if ever, achieved. It's a ton of work, and I'm sure I don't have to explain why to you. Now that Bully 2 isn't in the works anymore, though, it doesn't seem like Rockstar is willing to let go of this endeavor. Instead, according to this leak, they want to have this feature in GTA 6 instead!

GTA 6 Might Allow Access To Every Single Building

This leak comes from Rockstar Games insider TezFunz2. This is what he had to say about all of this:

The next upgrade, I could think of, for GTA 6 would be allowing us to access most if not all buildings or interiors we could see, but with the similar scale of open-world you could expect from a GTA game. The same selling point [as Bully 2], but with a franchise that would definitely sell and a bigger scale of course

Thing is, we could definitely see this happening. It's true that Bully was nowhere near as big as GTA or Red Dead Redemption, so resources for Bully 2 weren't nearly the same as with GTA 6. With a team of that size, a feature like that could be integrated into the game.

But just how big will the map be, then? And where will GTA 6 even take place? Questions, questions, questions and never any answers.

As always, take the leak with your usual grain of salt, because Rockstar is still super quiet about GTA 6 news.