Sony Will Develop an Exclusive Shooter That Will Make CoD Look Silly

Microsoft bought Activision, and, by extension, they bought Call of Duty, meaning Sony loses the franchise. Here's why that's a good thing.

Call of duty playstation sony
Who needs CoD, when you have Sony's creativity? | © Roman Chaliy, ArtStation

Call of Duty is boring. Even the name of the franchise is boring and so on the nose, that it makes it all the more annoying to hear about this game year, after year, after year, after year, after... repeat to infinity. We've been over the yearly CoD releases for a while, and Microsoft now buying Activision makes it a real possibility that Call of Duty will no longer release every year.

Now, at first glance, it seems like a bad thing that PlayStation users are missing out on the biggest shooter franchise out there, but below the surface level it's actually a good thing. I'll explain why below.

No CoD on PlayStation = Good

It's simple, folks: Innovation. If you don't get fed the same sh*t year-in-year-out, you're finally forced to innovate a little. Remember when you moved out and your parents stopped cooking for you? What happened? Instant noodles, canned beans, lots of alcohol, or maybe even healthy living - whatever the case, you finally came up with something new. Constant regurgitation of content is the opposite of innovation and, if anything, Call of Duty was holding the shooter-gaming scene hostage. Now, at least the PlayStation is free from this.

The shooter market is massive, and Sony arguably has the best first-party developers at the ready. With no Call of Duty releases on the horizon, Sony are bound to push out their own new shooter IP, and with the money that is to be made with a solid multiplayer shooter... imagine Sony's motivation to innovate.

So... thank you, Microsoft. By enforcing your dominant grip on gaming's developers, you're forcing Sony to own up to their mistakes and emerge a better and more motivated developers.