CS2: Chickens Getting A HUGE Buff

In the latest CS2 map update, chickens got a HUGE buff. The community is ecstatic, and a lot of fans are now praying even more for the release of Valve's highly anticipated first-person shooter.

In the latest CS2 map update, chickens received a HUGE buff. | © Valve

Counter Strike 2 is still in its limited test phase, giving a small amount of players the chance to play the game on the new Source 2 game engine. Valve is currently working on giving the game a new look, not changing the fundamentals of the game. This is exactly what the community has been asking for. Counter Strike - even after 11 years - still is one of the most played and watched first-person shooters in the world. Now Valve is giving their game some new graphics and features. Today, the community was shocked when reading the new patch notes.

CS2 Update: Chickens Are Getting A HUGE Buff

The release notes started off normal, the Wingman-mode (a 2v2 casual game-mode on smaller maps) got disabled after getting tested in the past weeks. Overpass and Vertigo got removed from all game modes after being the only two available maps last week. Anubis and Ancient are now the two maps to explore and click heads on if you got lucky enough to be invited to the limited testing phase for Counter Strike 2. That sounds like the big update the community is hyped about? Well no.

Cs2 chicken swim patch note
The chicks are entering the deep water | © Valve

Chickens are now able to swim in water, which Anubis and Ancient have plenty of. In CS:GO, chickens could not enter deeper water, but now they can swim freely in the little lakes you can find on some of the maps. They keep the mechanic of running (or swimming) away, when loud sounds are made in the area near them. The CS:GO commentator "Bleh" jokingly called it "The biggest update of all time"

A Twitter user posted the following video of a chicken swimming in deeper water

Chickens & Counter Strike: A Long-lasting Love-hate Relationship

Since the year 2000 chickens can be spotted on various Counter Strike maps, the first being cs_italy. They became some sort of like mascots in the CS-community, getting love for being cute and even more dumb than they are in real life. But they also ruined some of their love-status because of their behavior. Chickens can give away your position, obstruct your vision or block you from entering a door. The best example for the latter is this clip from former mousesports player "ropz", whose entry into apartments on inferno was blocked by a chicken, leading to his death.

With this new update, Valve tries to make Counter Strike more realistic once again while giving their community some joy and laughter. We can all be excited about the game's release, you will find any updates on CS2 right here, so stick around!

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