Dead Island 2: The Clean And Snatch Quest | Lost & Found

The "Clean and Snatch" mission in Dead Island 2 involves finding clues and defeating a unique enemy named Obi to obtain a key and unlock a chest containing a bundle of XP and an antique sword.

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As you traverse the zombie-infested streets of Beverly Hills in Dead Island 2, you'll encounter a variety of challenges and side missions to complete. One of these missions is called "The Clean and Snatch", the first of 15 total Lost & Found quests in the game. These quests are essentially scavenger hunts that require you to follow a series of clues to reach your ultimate destination. These destinations may include locked weapon chests with powerful weapons inside, or missing persons whose item drops include mods or weapons.

If you're a completionist or just looking for some valuable loot, Lost & Found quests can provide an enjoyable diversion from the game's main story. However, the clues provided for each quest can be somewhat ambiguous and difficult to decipher, so you may need some help to complete them all. In this article, we'll guide you through the first Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2, "The Clean and Snatch," providing tips and strategies to help you find your way and claim your rewards. So grab your weapons and get ready to embark on a scavenger hunt like no other!

  • With a good controller it's easier to solve the hidden quests!

Dead Island 2: The Clean And Snatch Quest Guide

To start the Clean and Snatch mission in Dead Island 2, you need to go to Roxanne's crash pad for former rockstars located in Beverly Hills, which serves as the only safehouse in the area. Once inside, head to the backyard and search for a note next to a locked chest in the emptied-out pool.

The chest contains your quest reward, but it is locked and will require some effort to open. The note you found will have some key information highlighted in red, which will serve as your lead for the next clue. In this case, the red font tells you to search the pools in Beverly Hills.

There are several pools in the area, but you only need to investigate three that are fairly close to each other. Look for poolside notes behind these three pools, which will further guide you towards your ultimate destination.

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Dead Island 2: The Clean And Snatch Quest – A map to help you out | © Deep Silver

The clues in the notes mention a prank channel, a pizza-shaped pool float, and a home in Bel-Air. The only house in Bel-Air that used to be home to internet pranksters and has a pizza-shaped pool toy is the Goat Pen house, which you may have passed through earlier in the story. Leave Beverly Hills and make your way back to Bel-Air.

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Dead Island 2: Solving the Clean And Snatch Quest | © Deep Silver

When you reach the Goat Pen house, you'll encounter a unique enemy named Obi, who is the focus of the notes you've been collecting. Obi won't appear until you reach this part of the quest. Defeat Obi to obtain a key, which you can use to open the chest in Roxanne's pool back at the safehouse. Your reward for completing this mission includes a bundle of XP and an antique sword, which will likely be one of the best weapons you've found so far if you complete the mission soon after arriving in Beverly Hills.

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