If Squid Game and Dark Souls Had a Baby... This Would Be It

The Sony State of Play had a new PlayStation IP in store for us, that no one saw coming: Deathverse. I am in love already, and I'll tell you why.

Deathverse let it die
Looks as quirky as it is: Deathverse. | © Deathverse Let It Die

Battle Royales were once awesome. Then... I realized that I don't like wasting 70% of every gaming session with searching and looting. I mean... I barely like having to look for things in my own life, and I kind of play video games to have all the cool sh*t. When a game puts a mechanic between me and feeling badass, that's usually not a good thing. Nonetheless, battle royales have become all the rage, and I really don't understand why.

Until now.

Deathverse Kinda... Looks Amazing

Deathverse takes all the elements you know from battle royales, which is essentially only one: The last man standing wins. What Deathverse does differently is that it packages all of this into a violent game show format and adds melee combat. It's basically Squid Game mixed with Dark Souls. Honestly, it's all a bit chaotic to explain, so it's best you just watch the trailer:

There's a reason Deathverse has serious Dark Souls vibes, and that's because it's made by the developers who released 'Let It Die' in 2016, which essentially is just a quirky take on the Souls-Like formula. Basically, Deathverse finally is that melee battle royale with solid combat, that everyone who's into Dark Souls PvP has been waiting for since Fortnite first started becoming annoying.

Now we have to be clear and honest here: Let It Die wasn't all that. Also, the graphics of this Deathverse battle royale spin, already look outdated, but some of us have been thirsting for a melee battle royale with Souls-Like combat for so long, that we will simply take what we get. This is like that late-night club pick-up you know won't look good sober, but you're still holding your breath.

What's interesting is the obvious game-show spin that Deathverse Let It Die takes, which also raises questions: Does it mean it's one game with one winner only, or will we have to go through various stages like in Fall Guys? Will we even have to search gear and loot, or do we get a finished loadout and fight to the death based on skill, like every true Dark Souls veteran wants to? At this point we don't know, because, outside of the trailer, nothing is known about the game, except a vague release date: Deathverse Let It Die is set to be released in 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.