Destiny 2 Lightfall: How To Get The Winterbite

Bungie just released Destiny 2 Lightfall, an enormous extension with tons of new content and story missions to explore. There also is this new powerful exotic weapon, the Winterbite. Here is how to get it.

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How to get Winterbite in Destiny 2 Lightfall | © Bungie

The new Winterbite weapon from Destiny 2 Lightfall is quite special and has not only a fancy design, but also some unique abilities. It is a heavy exotic glaive that can shoot a big orb, which will freeze anyone it passes. Sounds pretty "cool" huh?

If you want this weapon for your character build, you're in the right place, because we will tell you how to get it.

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How To Get Winterbite From Destiny 2 Lightfall

To obtain the Winterbite weapon, you must complete a series of quests that all lead up to one final quest, which will give you the Winterbite weapon as a reward.

  1. Start with completing the whole Lightfall campaign.
  2. Make your way over to the Hall of Heroes and talk to Quinn
    1. Quinn will give you various quests, one of which is called "Strider". Completing this one will be rewarded with the Winterbite
  3. But first, you must complete all the other quests in this order: Stargazer, Maelstrom, Bluejay, and last but not least: Strider

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Unfortunately, you can't get the Winterbite in one day. This is due to one of the quests that requires you to open 3 Terminal Overload Key Chests in each of the three Neomuna locations. The only catch is that the locations change every day, so you'll need at least three days to get them all.

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