Life After Destiny 2: Bungie Working On Multiple "Unannounced Projects”

What are they building over there?

Destiny 2 cross play
Bungie is ready to move on from Destiny 2 with several new projects in development. | © Bungie

For around 127 years, Bungie has only been working on Destiny. After creating the Halo series and making one banger Story-focused game after another, they have fully committed to a Games-as-a-Service model, and with great success!

But after being acquired by Sony, it seems like Bungie is ready to spread their wings a bit again. It has been revealed, that the developer is working on multiple unannounced projects.

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Bungie Working On New Games

This exciting bit of news was revealed by Tom Farnsworth, Senior Design Lead at Bungie. In a Twitter thread celebrating the successes of Bungie, Farnsworth disclosed that Bungie is not just focusing on continuing Destiny 2, but also has some other things cooking up in the background.

It’s good to see that Bungie is ready to do something that isn’t Destiny. Not to slag off the game, it’s great, but this is an amazing studio and we would love to see a bit of a more diverse showing from them. What these new projects will be is still unclear. However, there have recently been leaks claiming that the studio might be bringing back Marathon, one of their pre-Halo franchises.

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That would definitely be really cool to see. We’re sure they’re working on completely new IPs as well. It will probably still take a while until we see these new games though, as Destiny 2 is set to be supported with new Addons until 2024 at least.

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