Bungie Crushes Cheaters, Gets Millions in Cash

Destiny developer Bungie filed a lawsuit against supposed cheaters and won... big time.

Destiny 2 cross play
Want to cheat in Destiny? Bungie will destroy you. | © Bungie

Cheaters are a plague to any game. That's probably also what Bungie, developers of Destiny and Destiny 2, thought when they filed a lawsuit against a company called Elite Boss Tech. This company sells cheats for many different games, including Destiny. And of course Bungie weren't cool with that.

They won the lawsuit, and you know what that means, right? A big payday, baby!

Bungie Gets Paid Millions in Damages From Cheats

In August 2021, Bungie filed a lawsuit against Elite Boss Tech, claiming that a cheating software created by them infringed on their copyright. And they won the dispute, resulting in a big payout of $13.5 million in statutory damages. Daaaamn that's a lot of cash!

Of course, Elite Boss Tech has been prohibited to sell their Destiny cheats. According to reporting, they sold cheats that would give players unfair advantages like aimbots and indicators for player positions. This code would be injected into the game's code, which is where the copyright infringement comes into play.

However, they are still selling cheats for older games like Halo Infinite and Apex Legends. Which is kind of wild. Like... how is this legit? Maybe Bungie's old friends from Microsoft should have a look at that...