Offensive Item Accidentally Added To Halo Infinite For Juneteenth

343 Industries wanted to recognize Juneteenth, a yearly holiday in the US that celebrates the emancipation of the slaves. But they did so by adding a player card cosmetic called "Bonobo". Seriously. They actually did that. You can read their apology beneath.
Halo infinite
Not a good look. | © Microsoft

More bad news for Halo. Nope, it's not about the nonexistent Forge mode or the disappointing additions from Season 2. Sadly, this time it concerns something far more serious: racism. Okay, we'll give 343 the benefit of the doubt, it was accidental racism. But it's wild that something like this could even happen in 2022; you imagine there's a room full of people that check even the smallest new update to the game, but apparently not...

Halo's Juneteenth Catastrophe

343 Industries released cosmetics for Juneteenth, a US holiday that celebrates the emancipation of the slaves, but one of the cosmetics was a nameplate palette called: Bonobo. That's also the name of an endangered primate. Now, apparently it was referring to a tool in the Halo engine, but you can see why so many fans were shocked and outraged.

Have The Halo Devs Apologized?

Yes. Of course, they've apologized. Good grief, what a blunder. Here's what they had to say to the community:

We were made aware of a palette option for our Juneteenth emblem that contained a term that was offensive and hurtful. The team immediately addressed this issue via an update. We are a studio and franchise that is committed to inclusivity where everyone is welcome and supported to be their true self. On behalf of 343, I apologize for making a celebrated moment a hurtful moment.

It was obviously unintended, but still. Stuff like that just cannot happen, this is meant to be a triple A. No wonder the playerbase fell off a cliff...