Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Unwelcome Racist Addition

Red Dead Redemption 2 was hacked by some racist players, and now the game is running rampant with racism.

The Wild West wasn't exactly the most liberal of times: Sure, there is some freedom in riding horses and robbing trains, but the reality of the era was still very Caucasian-dominant. While history has whitewashed the Wild West to an uncomfortable extent, and while there were actually some black characters that Rockstar should explore, the truth is that those times were racist af. Now, some hackers were either hit by some extreme realism-driven-desire, or are just plain racist, because the game is being flooded with racist nonsense.

Racists Taking Over Red Dead Redemption 2

A group of hackers has somewhat taken over Read Dead Redemption 2 - or, more specifically, Red Dead Online - and are ruining the fun for everyone with their extreme racism. Here are some actual reports from players:

I stopped playing Red Dead Online on-stream because script-kids would non-stop teleport streamers (like me) to one area, change everyone’s name to the N-word, dress up as KKK members, and burn/hang people, with all other players forced to sit and watch

In fact, it's not just the multiplayer that's affected, because the hackers can bombard players with multiplayer invites that make it impossible to play the game solo. With the hacks being script-based, gamers are dependent on Rockstar intervening, but since Red Dead Online has sort of become abandoned, that seems unlikely to happen.

The dumbest thing about this is that, while racism is stupid in any way, shape, or form, at least keep it authentic and run your racist crew within the rules and parameters of the times. As I said early one: Racism was real in these days, and you could see these idiots as doing their part to bring unnecessary realism to the game. But... these idiots choose to not only be racist, but also find it necessary to hack, so... may god judge them.