Red Dead Redemption 3 Set In Europe?!

Red Dead Redemption has been pretty restricted in its setting. Could Red Dead Redemption 3 be set in Europe?

Red dead redemption 3 europe
Could Red Dead Redemption 3 be set in Europe? | © Rockstar Games

Alright, I get it, you're angry because of the title. Because you thought Red Dead Redemption could actually be set in Europe, right? Well... there is a chance. There's always a chance. And today, we'd like to talk about that chance.

For two games and an online expansion, Red Dead Redemption has been set in the United States in the early 1900s/late 1800s. While we thoroughly enjoyed our cowboy, wild west fantasy that the US so kindly likes to sell to the rest of the world (needless to say, Red Dead has actually done a fantastic job with it, so no shade), we feel like a change of scenery could be nice for this franchise too.

How would this work, though? Time wise, we went from early 1900s in the first Red Dead Redemption to late 1800s in the second Red Dead Redemption. If they wanted to go for the same wild west/cowboy style as in the original two games, then they'd have to go even further back in time or stay in their respective timelines. But then who would the main character of the game be? Someone new? A possibility, for sure and one that shouldn't be disregarded.

So timeline is definitely important when it comes to setting. Not saying that Europe had that wild west feel that the US had, absolutely not, but I am seeing an opportunity that might lead to a setting other than the US. At least in parts.

Is Red Dead Redemption 3 Set In Europe?

Historically speaking, most immigrants that came to the US were from Europe in the 1910s. Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, you name it. That got me thinking...

...what if our next hero for Red Dead Redemption 3 is an immigrant from say... Spain. What if that main character starts his journey in his home country, in Europe and then immigrates to the US where another part of the gameplay will take place? What if he there then meets the gang that we're familiar with, and it all ties together perfectly?

It's a reach, and it's nothing but speculation and possible settings for Red Dead Redemption 3, but I think a storyline like this would make for an excellent game.

A change of scenery, one that might be necessary for the game not to become dull. Don't get me wrong, the Red Dead games were fantastic, and we're already hyped about the remake, but would a Red Dead Redemption 3 that's set in the same country and the same area really be as much fun as a new character set partially on a different continent with a different feel to the gameplay altogether? I think not.