Leak: Skate 4 Will Be Revealed Next Month!

EA hasn't shown much of anything about Skate 4 since announcing it out of nowhere in 2020. Now Tom Henderson leaked that the much-anticipated game could be shown soon.
Skate 4 Reveal Soon Leak
Skate 4 will be fully revealed soon! | © EA

Do you remember Skate? In the PS3/Xbox360 era, the Skate games were among the best and most popular sports, let alone skating games on the market. But since then, the genre has died down and we didn't get a new game in the series since Skate 3 in 2010 (12 years ago!).

Fans have been clamoring EA for a new Skate game since then and EA finally listened, announcing a new Skate game in 2020. Since then? Radio silence... until now. A new report by business insider and leaker Tom Henderson suggests that Skate 4 is going to be shown and properly revealed soon!

[Update June 22]

As reported by Tom Henderson for tryhardguides, EA is set to reveal Skate 4 in July:

It’s unclear what exactly EA will show off with skate next month [in July], but it’s believed that the game will finally show off in-game footage. It’s been suggested that skate content creators and journalists will have the opportunity to play and get hands-on with the game to give their impressions.

So not much longer to wait at all!

Skate 4 Is Being Tested Right Now, Ready To Be Shown Soon

Tom Henderson has struck again, this time revealing that the development of Skate 4 is going really well and that the game will be properly revealed soon! Henderson's report is pretty detailed, so there have been a bunch of takeaways from it. Here is some of the most interesting info that was revealed by Henderson:

Although a specific time frame hasn’t been stated, sources have suggested that the next game is going well and is much further along in development than people might have believed.

Sources have said that the game is well into its QA phase, which is news that can now be revealed via Origin’s API. Under the name “Project Dingo” the title has now started active internal playtesting via Origin, as can be seen below.

With Skate currently undergoing internal playtesting, it could indicate that things are set in motion for the game sooner than we realize.

We are super excited about this. Skating games have always been among the most fun sports games and Skate especially was just amazing. And when Tom Henderson says things, they are usually right, so we believe him when he says, that Skate 4 is ready to be shown soon.