PlayStation's Game Pass Will Launch Soon

PlayStation have begun the technical rollout of their version of Xbox Game Pass, as users report seeing their PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions merging. A full launch reveal is expected soon. What's behind the PS Game Pass called Spartacus?

PlayStation Game Pass Spartacus Reveal Release
When is Sony's Game Pass coming? | © Sony / EarlyGame

We've heard a lot of talk in the last few years about what PlayStation can do in response to Xbox Game Pass. They tried to fight back with PS Now, but it was never able to seriously compete with the Game Pass, because it was too expensive and had such a small selection of games.

But more recently, we've heard about an ambitious service that incorporates both PS Now and the PlayStation Plus subscription: Project Spartacus. This is their best chance at taking on the Game Pass. They've begun rolling it out "under the hood" before the full reveal, expected very soon

PlayStation's Game Pass Codenamed Spartacus Will Be Revealed Soon

For quite some time now, there are this rumors about the answer from Sony to Microsoft's Game Pass. Obviously Sony needs to compete the great offer on the Xbox.

Daniel Ahmad – famous video game journalist – presented us an insight in Sony's plans. According to him "Sony’s new service will combine two of its current offerings, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus".

There should be a "splashy lineup of hit games" according to The reveal should be next week, so starting from Monday, March 28, we will look out for news about the PlayStation Game Pass.

We don't yet know exactly what the new price point will be, but our advice to anyone who knows they'll be a PlayStation Game Pass subscriber is to stack up years of base PS Plus now, while it's still cheap. When the services are all merged, you will probably have saved a small fortune.

We assume that it'll be around $10 to match Microsoft's Game Pass offer.