First-Ever Day One Release In PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Now subscription usually doesn't add day one release games, but that might change.

Play Station Now games
Which games were added in March? | © Riot Games

To anyone who has subscribed to PlayStation Now, you get a few games each month to play for free. Which games re part of PlayStayion Now in March? Oh and for the first time ever, you’ll also get a day-one game.

So let’s check out this month’s PlayStaion Now offerings and whether any of the games appeal to you!

First Ever Day-One PlayStation Now Game

Until now, PlayStation has shied away from day-one access games, unlike their biggest competitor the Xbox Game Pass that includes instant day-one access to specific games for the Xbox. This month, though, Sony is trying something new.

If you’re a PlayStation Now subscriber, you’ll be able to get first-day access to Shadow Warrior 3 a brand-new FPS game. If you like the Shadow Warrior franchise, then this is great for you. The game will be available until July 4, 2022 for anyone with the PlayStayion Now subscription.

What Other Games Are Part of PlayStaion Now March?

Three other games along with Shadow Warrior 3 will be made available to anyone with PlayStation Now. You’ll be able to enjoy these games with the subscription:

  • Chicken Police - Pain It Red
  • Crysis Remastered
  • Relicta
  • Shadow Warrior 3

Crysis Remasterd is the enhanced version of the fan favorite FPS game, while Chicken Police - Paint It Red is an adventure game set in an anthropomorphic universe. These games have no official removal dates, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long while if you’re subscribed to PlayStation Now.

With the inclusion of Shadow Warrior 3 being part of the bundle right upon release, we can see future games also get included upon their release, similar to Xbox Game Pass. So, how excited are you for the games of PlayStation Now this month?