Leak: Bungie To Bring Back Classic Shooter

According to reliable insider Tom Henderson, Bungie are working on a reboot of one of their classic franchises. No, it's not Halo. But it does sound just as exciting. Check it out.

destiny 2
Bungie are planning to bring back a classic franchise. | © Bungie

Bungie have been making Destiny for A LOT of years now, and it's time to do something else again, right? I mean, they created Halo, for God's sake! But did you know, that they have a bunch of other cool franchises that they worked on before even that? One of them is supposed to come back soon, according to a new report by Tom Henderson.

Bungie Working On New Shooter Based On Classic Franchise

According to Henderson, Bungie are working on a reboot of Marathon, a series of shooter they made between 1994 and 1996. And while these games are older than me, Bungie seems to be ready to bring them back with a fresh concept.

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According to the report on Inside Gaming, the new Marathon game will be a "3-man squad extraction-based shooter" that is in a "pre-alpha state", so it's still early in development. Here's how Henderson describes what the game could look like:

It’s understood that the gameplay loop of Marathon is similar to most extraction-based shooters; choose a mission, buy and choose your loadout, drop into the map, hunt for loop and complete missions, and then extract safely.

Just like with most extraction-based shooters, it’s understood that you lose all of your loot if you’re unfortunate enough to die.

The game is intended to be the “ultimate example of a living game”, it was said. Seasonal rewards and progression will be a huge part of the game, which isn’t surprising considering Bungie’s success with the Destiny series and its live services.

Henderson further clarified on Twitter, that, while the game looks to be focused on PvE, there will also be PvP elements. Sounds a bit like The Division's Dark Zones, and we would be all for that. We will most definitely have to wait a while for this game though. As we said, the game is supposedly in a very early stage and hasn't been officially announced yet. So don't expect to play it until 2024-25.

Don't be too sad: Henderson promised that he has a lot more details on the new Marathon game, so stay tuned to see more about the game soon.