Insider: Destiny 2 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Bungie want to expand their reach and bring Destiny 2 to more platforms. One of those platforms could be the Nintendo Switch, as one insider revealed.

Destiny 2 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
This is happening, we promise. | © Bungie/Nintendo/EarlyGame

Destiny 2 is an awesome game. And Bungie is a great developer. Legendary even. You do know that they invented Halo, right? And you know that they were bought by Sony? Of course, you do. Interestingly, Sony don't want to make Destiny 2 PlayStation-exclusive... the total opposite, actually. Bungie want to extend their reach and bring Destiny 2 to other platforms. And one of those seems to be the Nintendo Switch.

I know what you're thinking right now: "What the hell are you talking about and what are you smoking?" I'm talking about Destiny 2 on the Switch, and I'm perfectly sober. What might seem totally ridiculous, is most likely going to happen ASAP, according to our colleague and industry insider Tom Warren. He recently tweeted out, that Destiny 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, thanks to Google's streaming tech used for Stadia:

I know, kinda wild. Sony buys Bungie and instead of going PS-exclusive, Bungie pulls a Pitbull on us and goes worldwide, bringing Destiny 2 to the Nintendo Switch. Using the Stadia technology makes a lot of sense, Destiny 2 was a flagship title of the service. And plenty of big games have made their way to the smol Switch through streaming. There will still some doubters out there and some even thought that Warren was joking. But the man works for The Verge, he is deadly serious. Responding to a questioning colleague, he says:

It wouldn’t surprise me at all. There are plenty of games on Switch that utilize streaming now to be there.

So, there you have it. The man knows his stuff, and he knows his people, in short: I trust him. Bungie wants to expand their IPs, bring them to all kinds of platforms, and they are looking into the Stadia-tech. And the Nintendo Switch is the one platform where you can't play Destiny 2 on right now. Like we said... it just makes sense.