You Can Now Be Batman in GTA. With Batsuits, Gadgets & Batmobile.

GTA 5 is the gift that keeps on giving, at least on PC. Few games have been modded harder, and this Batman mod puts them all to shame.

Batman gta 5
Yeah... this is what modding is supposed to look like. | © Rockstar, Typical Gamer via YouTube

Alright, Batman is all over the news these days: We've got the Batman movie, which is said to be badass and dark af, and we got Batman coming to the Nintendo Switch. Now, we've also got Batman in GTA 5, and not just in any way, no: Batmobile, gadgets, various batsuits... this is a full-fledged open-world Batman game, and may just be the most impressive GTA mod ever.

Batman Mod In GTA 5 Is Insane

Seriously, this mod goes hard, and we have to thank JUlioNIB for it. You can glide, grapple, and beat people up Arkham style. Yes, even the fighting mechanics were changed for this Batman mod, and if you're tired of being Batman (in various batsuits... what!?) or driving around in the Batmobile... well, then you can even walk around as f***ing Bruce Wayne. Seriously, this mode is detailed to the nuts, and even the combat finishers have slow-mo effects.... I can't.

As far as the Batmobiles go, you have 12 different vehicles, ranging from the 1989 Batmobile to the Dark Knight Tumbler. They can be called, and sent away, and even come with weapons. Oh, the Batcycle and the Batplane are in there too, and, of course, they come with a guard mode, should anyone come too close to the player or commit a crime.

Gadget-wise, you have the Batarang, with a disarm mode, smoke-mode, incendiary, freeze, explosive... you have the Batclaw to grapple onto buildings and planes, you can hack, you can use your shock-glove... and all of this is still in pre-release.

Serious, this sh*t is impressive, and if you want to know more, stay up to date, or support the mod, you can do all that by visiting the creator's Patreon page.