Leak: Batman Arkham Collection Is Coming To The Switch

A retailer accidentally revealed that Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight are all headed to the Switch.

Batman arkham collection nintendo switch
Batman is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. | © Rocksteady

Courtesy of the French retailer WTT, it seems we now know that the entire Batman Arkham Collection is headed to the Nintendo Switch: Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. The Dark Knight meets Mario.

Batman Arkham Collection Coming to the Switch

Here is the accidental listing by retailer WTT, and here's why it's interesting: They also leaked the Witcher 3 coming to the Switch, and... the Witcher 3 did come to the Nintendo Switch. Obviously, WTT needs to work on its employee profile, but we love the little gossip hes and shes working there, because it gives us content.

The placeholder date in the listing is August 31, 2022, but don't count on that day exactly – it's a placeholder after all. It's more likely that Nintendo will announce something at one of their upcoming Nintendo Directs, one of which we're expecting this February.

The Batman Arkham games originally released up until 2018, when the last release was the Arkham Collection. Despite their success, the games were never ported to the Switch, so this one is long overdue. The good thing about the Arkham games is that they aged well: The combat is still crisp, and as satisfying as ever. The Arkham games are by far the best Batman gaming has to offer, so this is good news for every Nintendo-owning Batman fan, and also good timing, seeing as the Batman movie is about to be released.