Destiny 2: More Players Completed New Raid Than Ever Before

The new Destiny raid, Root of Nightmares, was completed by a staggering number of players in the opening weekend. Does this just mean the raid is easier? And are the fans happy?

Lightfall Raid
The Root of Nightmare raid has a higher opening-weekend completion rate than any other raid in history. | © Bungie

Destiny raids have come a long way since The Vault of Glass. Generally speaking, they have become harder with each iteration, probably peaking in toughness with the Last Wish. But this latest raid, The Root of Nightmares, has reversed that pattern, and is actually one of the easier raids we've seen in a while.

In fact, more people completed Root of Nightmares during the opening weekend than any other raid in history. But was sprinkling in a more accessible raid a stroke of genius from Bungie, or is the community upset?

Root of Nightmares Has Highest Opening Weekend Completion Rate In Destiny History

Whenever a new raid is released in Destiny there is a race to see which teams can complete it first. For reference, the hardest raid, Last Wish, was only completed by 2 teams in the first 24 hours. But Root of Nightmares was completed by a whopping 45,541 players within the first 48 hours (the day-one raid contest was recently made into a two-day event by Bungie, but even if we assume only 10% of those players completed the raid in the first 24 hours, that's still 4,500 players).

One of the main reasons why the raid was completed by so many more players than usual is (obviously) because it was easier. But as many highly-upvoted Reddit and Twitter threads from the community are claiming, this is also just a reflection of the great QoL changes made to Destiny recently:

  • The power requirement is lower for raids now.
  • The server stability issues have been resolved.
  • Making the opening raid contest a two-day event makes it far more accessible to people outside of US timezones.

These improvements will all contribute to higher raid completion numbers. And, let's not forget, Destiny 2 is simply very popular right now.

Have you completed the raid yet? How hard did you find it? And if you haven't completed it yet, check out this pro controller (it might make your life a little easier).

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