New Detroit: Become Human Content Released – Tokyo Stories

Any big fans of Detroit: Become Human will be excited to learn that new content has just been released. Allow us to introduce you to Tokyo Stories...

New detroit become human content
New Detroit: Become Human content, finally! | © Sony

If you haven't played Detroit: Become Human then you should because it's one of the best interactive story games of the past decade. But we're not here today to try and persuade you to pick up this masterpiece. No, we're here to share some great news with you: there's even more official story content on the way.

Okay, we're being a bit cheeky. This isn't in-game content... yet. Tokyo Stories is a new manga set in the same universe as Detroit: Become Human, and we're sure fans of the game will absolutely adore it.

New Manga "Tokyo Stories"

A new manga is being released called Tokyo Stories, it's set in the same universe as Detroit: Become Human, but the story takes place in Japan. Unlike in America during the events of Detroit: Become Human, in Japan, the humans were co-existing with robots far more positively, according to this new manga. But then events begin to spiral in Tokyo, and revolution is started.

As Famitsu first reported, the story will revolve around an idol named "Reina":

Set in Tokyo, an original story focusing on the android idol "Reina" unfolds. A “mutant” android with freewill and emotion is born, and like the game, a story focusing on the life of a machine is drawn.

What do you think? Is this a good direction for the story, or unoriginal? Personally, the Detroit: Become Human plot is more compelling, but we'll need to get our hands on a copy before passing any final judgements.

Tokyo Stories will be released across Japan on July 22, but so far, no plans for an English translation have been announced. We're quite sure if it's popular that a translation will be published, though.

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