New Teasers For Next Kojima Game

Did Kojima just tease his next game? It sure looks like it.

Kojima New Game
Just imagine these two together. | © Ubisoft/Quantic Dream

Hideo Kojima, a name that everyone that just remotely knows something about the gaming industry is familiar with. True, Death Stranding wasn’t exactly his best work (that’s putting it mildly, but just go with it), but that doesn’t mean that we’re not already looking forward to his next project (that isn't Death Stranding 2)… which he seemingly has now teased for Christmas.

What’s Kojima’s Next Game?

There is no name for this game yet, and it might not even be a game, but… come on. “From Sapiens to Ludens” might not be the title, but it could be a first hint for the plot. Sapiens are humans and then Ludens could be some form of advanced humans? Like I said in the title, the art for this card reminds me a lot of Detroit Become Human, so maybe some sort of androids?

It also gives off major Watch Dog vibes. Now imagine a Detroit Become Human x Watch Dogs game… from Kojima! It’d be insane, right?

There is nothing but this holiday card that teases this possible game, so not much to go by. Still, we believe that this is the first teaser for Kojima’s next game because he could have just used Death Stranding characters for a holiday card otherwise. These characters seem too unique to just be randoms.

The game might also be in super early development, so don’t expect it to come out anytime soon (again, if it even is his next game). Maybe in 2022 we can expect more Kojima news... whether they're about Death Stranding 2 or about this new game, who knows.

[Update, September 15, 2022]

Kojima and Geoff Keighley seem to be the best of buddies these days. The latter has posted something on his Twitter about Kojima's next game and man... I wish I was Keighley. Being friends with Kojima... he sure knows a lot of stuff about this upcoming game.

Unfortunately, that's about it. I think at this point, you know the way that Kojima likes to hype up his work and this has his name all written over it.

The picture in the tweet pretty much doesn't give away anything except that this could be a hint at another A-list actor joining the cast of Kojima's upcoming game. He did confirm in the past that he's actually quite the big fan of cinema, so maybe the woman we see in the picture is an actress that will be the face model of his next game?

According to TheInsider, a respected source in the video game industry, believes it to be Elle Fanning. I can actually see that...