Metal Gear Solid 6: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Did you think Konami would give up on Metal Gear Solid? Of course not, it's their biggest property. You can bet another sequel is coming, and we're here to talk about it. Trust me, you'll be surprised but what MGS6 could have to offer.

Konami hasn’t announced the sixth installment for the Metal Gear Solid franchise. However, inside sources suggest an announcement could be coming sooner than later in 2022/23. This means that behind the scenes, Konami is developing Metal Gear Solid 6. But what will the sequel entail? What will change after the departure of Hideo Kojima? Only time will tell.

Hideo Kojima and Konami suffered internal issues back in 2015. It resulted in Kojima Productions departing from Konami, and nobody knew why until later reports suggested that Konami wouldn’t allow Kojima’s employees to reference the company in their employment history. We want to mention that in most countries, this would be considered highly illegal.

Konami’s actions towards Kojima Productions were despicable, and Hideo Kojima was right to depart from the company. He would prove them wrong when releasing “Death Stranding” for the PS4 and PS5, as this new property quickly became very popular.

Whatever happens to the Metal Gear Solid franchise won’t be decided by Hideo Kojima, and we could see this game series become utterly different from its former self. We’re hoping Konami doesn’t depart from the standard MGS formula, but we all remember Metal Gear Survive.

Is Metal Gear Solid 6 Coming Out In 2023?

Konami hasn’t referenced Metal Gear Solid 6 in their financial reports. This upcoming sequel hasn’t been officially announced yet. Any release date for MGS6 will be years away, with some suggesting 2024/25.

Anyone working on Metal Gear Solid 6 will face an uphill battle as longtime supporters struggle to get behind anything that Hideo Kojima hasn’t made. This means Konami must stick to the standard formula of MGS or face the extinction of this franchise. But what does that standard formula mean? Let’s find out.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Metal Gear Solid 6 | All Leaks & Rumors

Snake will take down his nemesis in Metal Gear Solid 6. | © Konami

Unfortunately, details on the storyline and setting for MGS6 are unknown. Some inside sources have reasoned that Metal Gear Solid 6 will continue the storyline for Phantom Pain, and that would make perfect sense. The storyline for “Big Boss” was largely untold in MGS5: Phantom Pain.

Fans everywhere would enjoy witnessing the conclusion of Naked “Big Boss” Snake’s adventure. But the balance of this storyline remains in the hands of Konami, who could alter the storyline of MGS at any moment. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen after the Metal Gear Survive disaster.

Now, Konami has the option to remake the original Metal Gear Solid. This would be a safe & smart decision that would allow Konami the additional time to formulate an attractive storyline for MGS6. It would be incredible to replay the original Metal Gear Solid on the Fox Engine. Could you imagine? The original Big Boss in 4K 60FPS? Gosh, that sounds amazing.

Another aspect that Konami needs to consider with Metal Gear Solid 6 is multiplayer development. Unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid Online and MGS5 were poorly rated for their multiplayer components. That’s because everything differs from the standard shooter, with zero similarities to Call of Duty or Battlefield. In terms of multiplayer, this is where Konami wants to copy the competition.

MGS Online could have an unexpected revival if they developed an online mode similar to Battlefield’s Conquest. Ultimately, Hideo Kojima cannot be replaced & that’s the main concern for Konami. They aren’t confident that whatever is developed next will be supported by the community, as Metal Gear Solid Online and Metal Gear Survive were both destroyed by criticism. It seems Konami has one last chance to revitalize this franchise before its ultimate demise.

Is Metal Gear Solid 6 Getting Released On The Xbox And PC?

Covert missions will be a major aspect of Metal Gear Solid 6. | © Konami

Whenever Konami announces Metal Gear Solid 6, it could be an exclusive for the PlayStation. Rumors have been circulating that Sony wants to acquire Konami and convert them into the PS Studios family. If that were to happen, Metal Gear Solid would immediately be revived by Sony.

This could also mean the return of Hideo Kojima to Metal Gear Solid, as Kojima Productions is part of the PlayStation Studios family. Could you imagine if Sony bridged the gap between Kojima and Konami?

If the acquisition didn’t go through, Metal Gear Solid 6 would be launched across all major platforms. This would include the Xbox Series X/S and PC. However, Konami hasn’t publicly announced which platforms MGS6 will support. Here’s to hoping that a PC version is on its way soon.

Will Metal Gear Solid 6 Be Part Of The Xbox Game Pass?

The chances that MGS6 will be launched onto the Xbox Game Pass are slim to none, at least for the foreseeable future. If this game is launched before 2025, it won’t be immediately made available for free.

Months or years will pass before Konami has determined MGS6 can be released onto a subscription platform. But we reckon Konami will favor the new version of PlayStation Plus, not the Xbox Game Pass.

Game Trailer

Since Konami hasn’t announced Metal Gear Solid 6, there isn’t an official trailer. The most recent trailer involved with this franchise comes from Metal Gear Survive, as you can see below.

Please don’t take this trailer as an accurate representation of what MGS6 will look like because we’re hoping the two games will be entirely different.

Game System Requirements

Unfortunately, if recent reports are right, Metal Gear Solid 6 won’t arrive for another four years. Therefore, we cannot provide you with an accurate description of game system requirements for MGS6, as numerous GPUs and CPUs will be launched between now and then. Either way, anyone wanting to play this game will need to upgrade. It’s inevitable.