God of War Ragnarok Release Date Delayed

God of War Ragnarok is slated for a release in 2022. A retailer seems to have leaked the release date. Now we have new Information. The new GoW is said to be coming in November.

God of War Ragnarok Release Date Leaked
Is God of War Ragnarok coming sooner than you think? | © Sony

We are of course super excited for God of War Ragnarok. How could you not be? God of War (2018) was an amazing game, almost perfect in fact. And the developers at Santa Monica Studio had a whopping four years to further improve on their impressive achievement. God of War Ragnarok is supposed to come out this year, but it hasn't been officially confirmed yet when exactly that is supposed to happen. However, we, of course, wouldn't be here if we didn't have a sweet nugget of info for you...

[Update June 30]

God of War Ragnarok's release date reveal has been delayed, and right now it's unclear how worried fans should be. How poorly is their development going? We really don't know, but we're surprised that they've delayed the release date announcement (which was supposed to take place at the end of June). Luckily Schreier still thinks the game won't be delayed, but it isn't a good look for the studio:

We will update you as soon as we hear more from the team about God of War's exciting sequel.

[Update June 24].

A new week, a new leak about God of War Ragnarok. This time, it comes from a new, exciting kid on the block: The Snitch. Maybe you remember, they accurately leaked The Last of Us Part 1 coming to PC. Now they posted a cryptic hint on Twitter.

This time, they're pointing towards a reveal of the God of War Ragnarok release date coming soon. Check out the clip they posted below.

The GIF of Kratos, with the number "11110" flashing on screen is really odd. Comments have quickly pointed out, that this number could be binary, where it would represent the number "30". That could mean that we get the God of War Ragnarok release date on June 30.

Of course, this is speculation, but The Snitch has a 100% track record so far. You can definitely expect something coming soon. As soon as we know more, we will keep you updated.

[Update June 20]

As reported by Jason Schreier for Bloomberg, Sony are expected to give us a November release date for GoW Ragnarok later this month. Here's exactly what Schreier claimed:

The highly anticipated PlayStation game God of War Ragnarok is planned for release this November, according to three people familiar with the game’s development, despite reports this week that it had slipped to 2023.

Publisher Sony Group Corp. is expected to announce the release date later this month, two of the people said.

So, a November release date is still happening, apparently. Surely we're getting some official footage of the game soon?

[Update: June 10]

After the rumors that said we will not see God of War Ragnarok before 2023, we got a potential month for the official release. According to Bloomberg, GoW Ragnarok will be released in November 2022.

Gaming expert @Nibellion also commented: The official date will be revealed end of this month. Can't wait!

[Update: June 7]

More God of War Ragnarok release date leaks appeared on the internet. We have two bits of sweet intel here. One comes from Twitter, more concretely from business insider Roberto Serrano.

He posted a Tweet about a potential God of War Release Date in a few months. Check it out here:

Adding to this rumor is something curious that Reddit users found on the PS Store. According to a Reddit post, God of War Ragnarok appeared to show up as releasing between September and October. Here's what the user found out:

G’day, not sure if this countsbut adding fuel to the fire Ragnarok is coming around Sept 30th.

I was organising my wish list on the PS Store and sorted it by release date (oldest to newest) was scrolling and noticed that God of War Ragnarok had slipped comfortably between Tunic (27th Sept) and Forsaken ( 11th October)

Obviously, you should take all of this with a grain of salt. Serrano has been right before about leaks, but he has also been wrong. And the store thing could be some sort of technical error. But a lot of signs are pointing towards a God of War Ragnarok release date in autumn 2022.

God of War is now available for free on PS Plus, which could be seen as a move by Sony to remind people of the game's story before releasing the sequel in a few months. We will have to wait and see, if these leaks turns out to be true.

[Original Article]

A video game retailer seems to have leaked the God of War Ragnarok release date and if they are correct, we won't have to wait much longer for the next adventure of daddy Kratos and Atreus. Let's check this leak out!

When Is God of War Ragnarok Releasing?

The website "JugeosDigitales", which sells video games in Middle- and South America, seems to have leaked the God of War Ragnarok Release Date. According to their website, the game is supposed to come out in June 2022. Damn, that's only three months from now!

But, as usual with these kinds of things... be careful. Take it at least with one, maybe two grains of salt. We couldn't really confirm how legit this source is, and it might just be a random website making random claims. But release dates have been revealed by retailers before, so... who knows?