GTA Meets God of War... And It Works

This is the ultimate crossover you didn't know you needed in life. Grand Theft Auto and God of War in the same game?!

God of War and GTA
CJ in God of War? What's up with that? | © u/Ellmerz611 via Reddit

We’ve all been waiting patiently for news on Grand Theft Auto 6. When will the new game come out and which city will it play in? Well, we might have some answers as to what has been planned.

Would you believe us if we said the next GTA was going to take place in the mountains and in Midgard? Probably not, but we’ve got some proof. God of War meets GTA and it works perfectly. The collaboration you didn’t know you wanted, but now know you need.

What is the God of War and Grand Theft Auto Crossover?

Alright, guys, we know that not too long ago the PlayStation exclusive title God of War finally made it onto the PC right? Right. It’s also become one of the best-selling and best-rated games on Steam. In other words, it’s extremely popular.

And well, when something is popular, there are usually modders out there who want to make a few new mods for their favorite games. To spice things up, you could say. And well, that is exactly what happened here.

On Reddit, u/Ellmerz611 shared their mod of Carl “CJ” Jonson –who is known for the “ah shit here we go again” meme – running around the snow-capped peaks of Midgard. Oddly enough it works quite well.

Instead of the usual baseball bat CJ is wielding the Leviathan Axe as he makes his way through the deserted landscape. But overall he fits in pretty well and this would be a version of the game we wouldn’t be opposed to.

Are There Other God of War Mods?

Currently, there are only cosmetic mods for the PC version of God of War. You can get a bobblehead Kratos or even a cyclops, but modders have quite the imagination so there is probably more to come in the future.

Skyrim has continuously been kept fresh thanks to modders and is even almost unplayable without specific mods, which makes the game fun for those who enjoy it on the PC. What about adding in the cast of My Hero Academia to battle alongside CJ and Kratos? Or maybe have some Titans attack Midgar. The possibilities are endless!