Leak: Starfield 12-Times the Size of Skyrim

Leaks have revealed that Starfield will be twelve times the size of Skyrim. We also have details about the story, weapons, spaceships, and even more.

Starfield map leak
Starfield's map is going to be insanely big! | © Bethesda

A 4Chan user has leaked that Starfield will be a whopping 12-times larger than Skyrim when it drops in November 2022. The leak is insanely detailed, revealing a whole lot about Starfield's map size, story, weapons, spaceships, world, and more. What's even more impressive is that Bethesda shortly thereafter released a new trailer that confirmed almost everything in the trailer.

The story details are pretty detailed here, so if you want to avoid spoilers then you should probably check out at this point. If not, we can confirm that the game will be set in 2320 in a place called "The Settled Systems". We'll go into the actual story details later, but we just wanted to stress how correct the leak turned out to be, and thus how accurate we imagine the rest of the information could also be.

We did a video on these Starfield leaks, and the new trailer. It's much more entertaining than the mad scribblings of little ol' me, so you should check it out:

How Big Will Starfield's Map Be?

Starfield will consist of about a dozen planets, each of which will be bigger than Skyrim's map. This insane size will also be expanded upon by the fact that you will be able to fly your spaceship between these various planets. The space (pun intended) between will be traversable by a kind-of fast-travel mechanic, but also by manually flying your spaceship. Obviously, this will hugely increase the overall size of Starfield's playable area.

What's more, Starfield will also feature different gravities on different planets. The wildlife will adapt and be unique to each of these environments based on the gravity of each individual planet, with a huge amount of diversity between locations. Honestly, this whole thing looks insanely massive and insanely exciting. You'll even be able to turn gravity on and off aboard ships, and you will be building Fallout 4-style settlements, so there's also going to be a huge amount of customization. You will additionally have access to full weapon and armor customization just like in Fallout 4 and, to a lesser extent, Skyrim.

Leaked Starfield Story Details

According to the leak, Starfield will be set in 2320 within what is called the "Settled Systems". Earth is uninhabitable and there is a city on Mars called Cydonia which is the first colonized planet in the game's lore, and will be the biggest urban location in the game.

The Settled Systems are controlled by two major factions, known as the Black Fleet and Crimson Fleet. They are (obviously) at war with each other and you can join either one of them, or perhaps fight with other factions in the game.

One early quest will be to build a colony on one of the game's many planets. We even know about a character in the game, Branson Garvey, who will give us the aforementioned quest. However, you don't need to do this at all, with the game offering a huge amount of diversity and freedom – possibly more than any other game has ever done before.

Honestly, there is so much to discuss here. These leaked Starfield story details, as well as the map size, gives us a lot to look forward to. You should definitely check out the leak for yourself, though, there's a whole lot to discover there. You can access it via this Reddit Post:

A Starfield leak on /v/ from September might be legit, several details confirmed in latest Bethesda marketing video from GamingLeaksAndRumours

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