Inside Leak: Deus Ex 5 Is in Production

It seems that a voice actor has just confirmed the existence of Deus Ex 5 - here's everything we know so far.

Deus ex 5
The king of cyberpunk returns. | © Deus Ex

Prove me wrong: Deus Ex is the better Cyberpunk 2077. I mean, seriously, I was aways kind of confused by all the hype Cyberpunk got (post all the hate), because... Deus Ex kinda has been there and done that, just... better. Sure, Deus Ex was a bit more linear, but it's also much older. In terms of delivering a rich cyberpunk experience though, no one does it better than Deus Ex. Well... to be fair, Cyberpunk 2077 has a huge expansion coming out soon, so... maybe that'll change.

Deus Ex 5 Is in Production

The tweet above is what's sparking all this speculation - Elias Toufexis let it be known that he's been voice directing a bunch of actors in a AAA game, in which he'd been voice-acting the main character for the last couple of years... he ends his tweet saying that "he can't wait to share", but... the only AAA game he's been regularly working on over the last couple of years is Deus Ex, so he kinda... shared everything we needed to know.

Of course, Elias also voiced The Penguin in Gotham Knights, but... that was a one time thing and not a franchise he'd been involved in. But,... do consider the fact that he might be talking about his work for Warner Bros, since, before Gotham Knights, they had a couple cancelled games, in which he could've already voiced The Penguin. It's unlikely, and him talking about Deus Ex 5 makes much more sense, but... now you know all there is to know about this.