Dragon Age 4 Release Date Update

Everyone that has played Dragon Age: Inquisition knew that Dragon Age 4 would be coming sooner or later. It’s been 7 years since the last Dragon Age came out and after the teaser from The Game Awards 2020, we can’t help but wonder… what is the Dragon Age 4 release date?

[Update, May 20, 2022]

Listen, I want nothing more than to come on here and tell you: "it's happening, we're getting Dragon Age 4 soon," but I just can't. We barely get any news regarding the next installment of the Dragon Age franchise and literally have to search for bread crumbs to give you anything new at all.

This time, it's a little more than "leaker XYZ said this and that," as this time, it's coming straight from EA.

They've released their earning's call for this/next year and their Q4 game releases (end date for that is April 1, 2023) state that they will release a "major IP" in Q4.

Let's see... how many games would fall under that category... you see where I'm going with this, right?

We know it can't be the next Mass Effect because it was confirmed that that would release after Dragon Age 4. If they indeed release DA:4 early 2023, then that would give them enough time to release trailer, behind-the-scenes stuff and more.

I want to believe this so badly, but it might just be best to keep your hopes low. We've been waiting on this game for ages now... don't let yourself be disappointed again and wait until BioWare actually confirms it.

[Update, January 21, 2022]

I had honestly hoped that the next time I would update this article would be with better news, but I have none of those today. Everything I'm about to say has to be taken with a grain of salt, because this has not yet been confirmed by BioWare. However, the info about what's going on with the Dragon Age 4 release date comes from Tom Henderson, the man who has predicted way too many things correctly in the past for us to simply sweep this under a rug.

So... here we go. Be ready to have your heart broken.

Now, here's the thing. If you scroll down, past me had actually predicted Dragon Age 4 to release in late 2023. So to hear that it will most likely not release in 2022 isn't what makes me sad.

It's the fact that they said "no chance". And that, coupled with the fact that we have barely heard a word about Dragon Age 4 or seen any more trailers is worrisome. What's going on with Dragon Age 4? Is it also in development hell, just like GTA 6?

BioWare had actually confirmed that they were going to share some news about Dragon Age 4 this year, but news could be anything... they could be bad news. Like "Sorry, we're not doing so well, it'll take some more time."

And don't misunderstand, I'm 100% on team take-your-time when it comes to game development. Especially Dragon Age 4. But still... if you're a fan, you get what I mean.

If any further news or leaks about the Dragon Age 4 release date comes out, I will update this article again. Until then... I'mma go back to playing Inquisition, I guess, the best Dragon Age game ever.

[Original Article]

The announcement of Dragon Age 4 was not nearly as big of a surprise as the new Mass Effect that was announced at The Game Awards: While everyone thought that Mass Effect wouldn’t continue on with Shepard’s Story, Dragon Age: Inquisition, or rather its DLC Trespasser, made it very obvious that Dragon Age 4 would be coming.

Set in Tevinter – which was now also confirmed, by the way – the game will follow in the footsteps of the last games and will feature a new hero.

But here’s what’s everyone is asking themselves…

What Is The Dragon Age 4 Release Date?

What most people are probably wondering is: why the hell is Dragon Age 4 taking so long, when the other Dragon Age games came out every three years? With this game, it's been SEVEN YEARS since the last. So it's about time we got a release date, right?

We did get a teaser at The Game Awards 2018, but the game was still in pre-production a year later. And even when the Behind the Scenes Trailer from BioWare dropped in August 2020, the game was still in “early production”. And while the trailer from The Game Awards 2020 did look promising and gave fans hope of an early release... well... no.

Dragon age 4 tevinter
At least we knew from the start where we'd go, right? (Credit: BioWare)

In EA’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call, EA’s chief operating officer Blake Jorgensen said that “it probably comes after fiscal ’22”, which in non-economic terms means, that Dragon Age 4 will most likely not be released before April of 2022, which is when the fiscal year 2023 starts.

Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition were both released very late in their respective years. Given the fact that we do not even have a name for the game yet and that promotion for the game is so little AND the fact that they said — only last year — that the game was still in “early production” we predict a release date for Dragon Age 4 for late 2023.

However, we hope that BioWare truly takes the time they need. Everyone remembers the chaos that Andromeda caused and nobody wants a fiasco like that again.

Even if it’s later than 2023, we’ll be okay with it, because we want Dragon Age 4 to be the best possible version it can be.

Who knows, maybe they’ll release it late 2024 and make this a happy ten-year anniversary thing.

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