Dragon Age 4: Release Date, Platforms, Multiplayer & More

Dragon Age 4 might be a long way ahead – or not – but that gives us time to compile all the info that we have on the next installment of the franchise. Here is everything we know about Dragon Age 4.

Dragon age 4 release date platforms name multiplayer
Everything there is to know about Dragon Age 4 in one article. You're welcome. | © BioWare

If you’re anything like me, then you absolutely can not wait for Dragon Age 4. Any piece of info, any small leak, you will get excited over. And hey, when it’s your all-time favorite game, that is understandable.

However, scouring the internet for news every single day in hopes of finding something is tiring. And so I thought: hey, why not make it easier for you guys. This article will be updated constantly, every time there are news about Dragon Age 4, you can come back here, because I will update it and make sure that you’re up-to-date about everything.

So, let’s jump right ahead and do a little Q&A of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Dragon Age 4 Happening?

[Update, February 24]

Dragon Age 4 is "right in the middle" of production, as has been confirmed by BioWare themselves now. The announcement came with the sad news that Christian Dailey, now former executive producer at BioWare, has left the company.

Many fans took this as a bad sign. If you're following the progress of Dragon Age 4 or BioWare themselves, you know just how many people have left the company over the last months/years. BioWare seemingly wanted to do some damage control here to confirm that everything was fine.

[Original article]

Maybe the most important question, but one that would make this article useless if the answer wasn’t yes. Dragon Age 4 is happening, as confirmed by devs and the few trailers and sneak peeks that we’ve already seen in the past (and by that, I mean the splash art that gets posted on Twitter occasionally that drives fans absolutely insane).

So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to questions that you might not know the answer to.

Who Is Making Dragon Age 4?

Dragon Age 4 is made – once again – by BioWare. One thing that might make you happy, though, is that it seems like EA will have less of a hand in Dragon Age 4 (more on that a little later). Just how true that is, we will definitely see when the game gets released. As an example: Anthem. That had EA written all over it.

Where Will Dragon Age 4 Take Place?

Dragon Age 4 will take place in Tevinter. Not only was this confirmed by the Game Awards trailer, but at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Inquisitor rams their knife into a world map and when the camera shows it, the knife is stuck on Tevinter. Confirmed right from the start.

Why Is Dragon Age 4 Taking So Long?

Dragon Age 4 is taking so long, because BioWare was working on Mass Effect Legendary Edition and is thriving to make Dragon Age 4 the biggest and best Dragon Age game to date. Apart from that, they’re probably aware of the shitstorm that was Cyberpunk 2077 and would like to prevent that. Good on them.

Will Dragon Age 4 Be Multiplayer?

No, Dragon Age 4 will not have multiplayer, as has been confirmed by EA themselves. Here comes my previous point of EA not being involved as much in Dragon Age 4, because we all know how much EA loves their multiplayer. That question above should answer the next question, but just to make things perfectly clear:

Will Dragon Age 4 Be Singleplayer?

Yes, Dragon Age 4 will purely be a single player game – as confirmed by the statement above, that there will not be a multiplayer option in Dragon Age 4. To be fair, the only game that ever tried multiplayer in the trilogy was Inquisition and as someone that has played it herself, it wasn't half bad. But to me, the most important part here is that EA will give BioWare full range again in what they want Dragon Age 4 to be... or at least that's what everyone hopes for.

Will Dragon Age 4 Be Open World?

We think Dragon Age 4 will be open world again, but nothing has been confirmed on that yet. However, given the fact that every game but Dragon Age 2 was open world, we doubt that they’d now change their strategy after making the promise of making Dragon Age 4 bigger and better. Also, in the teaser, we see multiple locations, not just Tevinter. A first hint at open world?

Will Dragon Age 4 Have The Inquisitor?

First of all, it has been confirmed that you will not play the Hero of Fereldan, Hawke or the Inquisitor in Dragon Age 4 by the teaser. You will be a new hero. However, we might see the Inquisitor again in Dragon Age 4, especially since we saw Hawke in Inquisition (so it is possible for BioWare to do it) and because Solas will be the enemy in Dragon Age 4 (and we all know the history he has with the Inquisitor).

Which Platforms Will Dragon Age 4 Release On?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but given the fact that the release date is still quite some time in the future, we expect Dragon Age 4 to be exclusive to next-gen platforms (PS5 & Xbox Series X|S) and PC, meaning Dragon Age 4 will not release on PS4 or Xbox One. There has to be a point where gaming companies stop making their games for old-gen and BioWare had some bad experiences in the past, as Inquisition came out just when the PS4 got released. They had major issues because of that, and we doubt that they’d want to face those again.

When Is The Dragon Age 4 Release Date?

[Update, February 24, 2022]

Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb has recently said that Dragon Age 4 will release in around 18 months. If this information turns out to be true, then Dragon Age 4 will release around August/September 2023. If you read the next paragraph, you can see that we predicted a 2023 release date and the months September - November seem especially likely, since both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition were released in November. So will November 2023 be the lucky month?

[Original article]

We’ve already speculated quite a bit about this, so there is no official release date yet. Given how little we’ve gotten on Dragon Age 4, we can safely say that Dragon Age 4 will not be released in 2021. If we’re lucky, we’re getting the first official trailers at the end of this year and maybe a release date of late 2022. However, we predict Dragon Age 4 to be released in 2023, so that BioWare can ensure perfection.

Alright, that should answer the most important questions that you currently might have about Dragon Age 4. As I said above, once there will be updates, official info or anything else, this article will be updated.