eFootball 2022: Release Date, Platforms and more!

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Konami's new soccer game will be released this month. | © Konami

There it is, folks... eFootball is coming soon! The first season of the free-to-play soccer simulation, formerly known as PES, will be released this month! Read all about the eFootball release date, all the details and more here....

Remember PES, aka the best sports game series of all time? As you've probably heard, the iconic soccer series will now be called eFootball and will be continuously developed and updated as a free-to-play platform. Now we finally have the release date for eFootball 2022, the first season of eFootball.

Everything We Know About eFootball 2022

What Is The eFootball 2022 Release Date?

eFootball 2022 will be released on September 30. Yep, we will be able to play eFootball as early as this month! I can hardly believe it...

Which Platforms will eFootball 2022 Be Released For?

eFootball 2022 will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC. There will also be a version for phones and mobile devices at a later date, as an update to the already existing eFootball app. However, the release date for this is not yet known. Oh yeah, there will be cross-generation cross-play. Coolio!

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What Will Be Available at Release In eFootball 2022?

Well... to be honest, very little. You can play friendly matches with nine fully licensed teams, both online and offline. FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin, Manchester United and FC Arsenal will be available, among others. In addition, there will be PvP online challenges that give you specific missions and rewards.

Aaaand... that's it! Yeah, I know... not that juicy. But: don't get your pitchforks out just yet! Don't forget that eFootball 2022 will be free. You can, without paying a cent, play an absolutely fantastic soccer simulation. So don't complain too much, okay? Cool, thanks!

Will There Be Updates For eFootball 2022?

Yes, eFootball 2022 will continuously get new content. The first update is already announced for autumn 2021, shortly after release. This will contain the "Creative Team" mode...

This sounds very much like MyClub from PES, Konami's answer to FUT. You can create your dream team from over 600 licensed players, with cards of varying qualities and ratings. MyClub was already really nice, but couldn't quite match the addictive FUT. Let's hope Creative Team learns from the past and becomes really, really good.

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