The Most Ambitious Game Ever? 'Everywhere' Looks Amazing

Leslie Benzies, the former GTA boss, finally reveald the upcoming 'Everywhere', a game touted by many to be the GTA killer.

Everywhere game trailer
Everywhere is ready to take on GTA. | © Everywhere

Everywhere is one of those games that takes its name seriously: This game really aims to let you go everywhere and do everything. Thought GTA gave you freedom? Think again because Everywhere is here to take over, and it's called the GTA killer by many for a reason.

Everywhere Finally Revealed: GTA Who?

Gamescom 2022 is here, and, as expected, all the big boys have come out to play. The frontrunner for the most exciting is probably Everywhere, which we wrote about before. Now, what can easily be considered the most ambitious game since Cyberpunk 2077, finally revealed some details.

According to the developer, players will get an "immersive experience" unlike any other, and might even have a hand in the creative parts of the game - a vague term, which clearly suggests that there will be some creative tools to help players actually shape the world, but... see for yourself:

Cars racing, people gun-fighting... honestly Everywhere looks like several games in one, and is the closest we've ever come to a united gaming universe like what we've seen in movies like Ready Player One. Outside of everything that is said in the video above, not much was revealed. As far as the release date is concerned, this mammoth of a game is due to be released in 2023, and you can kiss your life goodbye when this one comes out. If you thought Elden Ring was time-consuming... think again.