Fall Guys Teasing Among Us Crossover!

Fall Guys Tease Among Us Collaboration
I want this so badly, I can't even begin to explain it. (Credit: Mediatonic/InnerSloth)

We all thought Fall Guys and Among Us were enemies, but now the Fall Guys Devs are teasing a collab with Among Us… what’s happening here?

First, there was Among Us and barely anyone played it. Then came Fall Guys, everyone played it and nobody even knew about Among Us. Then Among Us somehow gained major popularity and pushed Fall Guys from its throne, after Fall Guys had only been on there for like four months. Sounds like the beginning of any good villainous story, doesn’t it?

But now, Fall Guys did a 180 and has started teasing fans about a possible Fall Guys x Among Us Collab coming!

You think this teaser is too subtle? Okay, then. What about this one?

That’s still not enough evidence, you say? Alright, we shall give you one more.

Will there be Among Us Skins in Fall Guys?

Look at all the evidence above. We think that there will definitely be Among Us Skins in Fall Guys soon!

Sure, this could just be Fall Guys trying to get some attention by using their competitor in this way and it would honestly be a smart marketing move. I mean, look at it, here we are writing an article about it, getting them back into the spotlight.


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Anyway, we hope this is true. Fall Guys didn't deserve to die as quickly as it did. Everyone should just play both games. Oh, talking about Gaming, why don't you check out MyEarlyGame? You see the pic above? Click on it, you can win it simply by signing up!