Massive PlayStation Exclusive Coming to Steam Deck

The Steam Deck can play just about everything if you know your way around, but now the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is officially playable on the Steam Deck.

Ff7 final fantasy 7 remake steam deck
Cloud on the go. | © Rabia Rahou, ArtStation

Ok, so first of all: If you installed Windows on your Steam Deck, and are cracking and emulating each and every game... you keep doing you. You already unlocked everything there is to unlock, so this news won't be particularly interesting. For everyone keeping it official though, this is gonna be good news: The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now playable on the Steam Deck. Yay.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to Steam Deck

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been available on PC since December last year, and now the Steam Deck is able to run the game. Better yet: The game is currently available for cheap, at a price tag of $50 rather than the usual $70. So if you want to get FF7 on your Steam Deck for cheap, be quick about it, because the reduced pricing is only available until June 23.

Even better: The Steam Deck gets Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade, which is the enhanced version of the OG Final Fantasy 7 Remake from 2021. If you haven't played the remake yet, we can only recommend it - there's a reason it got such good reviews. And if you haven't played Final Fantasy 7 at all, then... well, there's an even bigger reason that it's an all-time classic, and on the Steam Deck it's going to make your commutes better than ever.

Now, let's see if Final Fantasy 16 will also be coming to the Steam Deck, because that game is already looking crisp.