Final Fantasy and Star Wars Have Officially Crossed Over

Thanks to Blitzball, Final Fantasy and Star Wars are now officially sharing a canon. Read all about it below.
Final fantasy 10 star wars
Two of the greatest franchises have crossed over. | © Square Enix

Final Fantasy X was the business. Seriously, everybody is all hung up about Final Fantasy 7, but to me Final Fantasy 9 and 10 are the pinnacle of the series. FF 9 was the most gripping to a younger me, while FF 10 felt like the more grown-up verson, and featured a game that, to this day, needs a standalone: Blitzball. I loved Blitzball, and I'm certainly not alone in that sentiment, because Blitzball is now officially a part of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Adds Blitzball to Its Lore

If you never played FF 10, you probably have no idea what the hell Blitzball even is. Well, allow me to enlighten you: In the world of Final Fantasy X - Spira - Blitzball is the inhabitants' favorite pastime, and it is essentially underwater hockey.

Now, thanks to writer Mike Chen, Blitzball found its way into Star Wars: Brotherhood. In fact, the book is full of video game references: Cal from Fallen Order appears in the story, along with other easter eggs that the write discuess in this Twitter thread:

If you haven't yet, you should definitely give Star Wars: Brotherhood a go - the book is a New York Times Bestseller for a reason, and it revolves around Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker dealing with the events shortly after Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Now if we could just get someone to work on that standalone Blitzball game...