Leak: Final Fantasy 9 Remake Is Coming

Final Fantasy was once rumored to get a remake, and now those rumors got the confirmation we've all been waiting for.
Final fantasy 9 remake
This is only what I've been waiting for, since I was a kid... no big deal. | © Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9. The true king of Final Fantasy. I don't care about your FF7, and your Cloud, and your Sephiroth... keep that. Final Fantasy 9 is and forever has been the franchises true pinnacle, so it's about damn time that Final Fantasy 9 is getting the remaster everyone's been waiting for.

Final Fantasy 9 Remake: What We Know

It all started with the NVIDIA leak from last year, which had about a billion games on it - Final Fantasy 9 being one of them. Of course, FF9 was not the only Square Enix game in the leak, and it just so happens that, over the last couple of months, Square Enix has announced a number of games that showed up in the leak - including Kingdom Hearts 4. This is as close to confirmation as we'll get for the leak, and it more than suggests that the Final Fantasy 9 remake, which was speculation a year ago, is now a semi-fact.

From this point on, everything is just personal speculation and wishlist thinking, but I'm hoping that FF9 gets the FF7 remake treatment from a visual standpoint only. Story, and gameplay-wise, Final Fantasy 9 has aged like fine wine, and does not require any adjustments whatsoever. Thank you.